Within the Nova “Infinite Cycles” Album Review

Within the Nova – “Infinite Cycles”
By: Tom Hanno

Within the Nova, a metal-core group from Timișoara, Romania, just released an album called Infinite Cycles; released on February 1st through Dark Alliance records. The band has created an album that goes beyond the metal-core norm, adding in some really electronica, samples, and keyboards; think The Browning with the addition of a clean female vocalist, and the heavy male metal-core voice, and less electronica. I hear a little Lacuna Coil, and a large Asking Alexandria, influence on the album as well.

Of the 7 songs on the album, the one with some of the mellowest parts is my favorite; “Infinity” is really the crowning achievement of the record in my opinion. It really shows the depth of the musicians skills, as it easily crosses from mellow, to heavy, to dance music samples, and the clean vocals of Diana ‘Saska’ Păscuţiu are so nicely done. The riffs are excellent when heavy, and the song is very memorable overall.

“Forsake the Crown” is the album opener, and has the best intro of any song on the album. The electronica is subtle, and the riff is so catchy. The verses of the song are pure metal-core in the vein of Miss May I, but also unique because of how the two vocalists work together. This track is a great album opener, as it gets the blood pumping, especially during the breakdown section.

Third track, “Enslaved”, another one worthy of mentioning. The guitars in this one are awesome, heavy when needed, moving the song forward, but able to lay back a bit when that is called for. I love it when bands work with what’s best for the song, instead of what’s best for their ego. This one has a huge, heavy as fuck breakdown verse too, and it’s slowed down and just heavy with the dirty vocals over it.

Infinity Cycles is a really solid album from this band, with its obvious influences, and their own unique twist on it. I really love that this metal-core/Industrial band has a female vocalist, I was expecting the normal dual male vocals, but this was a nice twist on what I thought I was getting into. So go and check out Within the Nova, and their album Infinity Cycles, wherever you find good music on the web, and I’ll leave a couple links to get you started! Enjoy!!!



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