With our arms to the sun monster mash 2015 coverage and interview

With Our Arms To The Sun played at this year’s Monster Mash Tour out at Tempe Beach Park.. With a local spaw band playing on such a huge stage with some other big names such as Tool, Rob Zombie, Primus, Linkin Park and more they kicked some serious ass.. Sorry for the shitty audio levels during the live stage shots.. Stupid me didn’t check those after the previous interview before hand 🙁

Anyways with a still fairly small named band they have a damn big name sound.. You all should take the time to check them out give them a listen and see for yourselves. Also wanted to thank them for allowing me to come and cover the show, and also taking the time to meet up after the show to fit an interview in. Hope you all enjoy it 🙂



Josh Breckenridge – Guitars, noise, vocals

Joseph Leary – Guitars, Programming

Joseph Breckenridge – Bass

John Mclucas – Drums



With Our Arms to the Sun is a rock band formed in the desert of Arizona. Their live shows are unique and emotional, bringing back the energy of the punk rock and grunge bands of the past who used to play to basements and art galleries packed full of kids. The music is cinematic and expressive with elements of conceptual album rock and modern electronics.




Also check out the latest album for them “A Far Away Wonder”



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