Wednesday 13 – Condolences – Album Review

1 disc, 13 tracks
Written by: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


Have you ever entered into the mind of a killer or his poor victim? Step into perspective in Wednesday 13’s new album, Condolences. With a blend of horror punk, heavy metal, and bold imagery- this album is brutal (in the best way possible). Hauntingly creeping into your nightmares, Wednesday 13 presents us with a concept album of victim versus villain, in such an interactive way. Telling stories of start to finish- from being afraid of the dark to the kill- it’s a gory (and descriptive) tale!

Eerie and stunning, your nightmares have quite a ravishing theme song! First, we visit the opening track, “What The Night Brings”. As little kids, or even now so, we may have feared darkness and may ask “What The Night Brings”. In this sinister track, we do not talk about the monsters in one’s closet or under the bed, but the monsters in one’s head. Creeping and crawling from out of darkness, we feel inching and sci-fi-esque guitars complimenting suspense-building drums. This track is solid in that is nails the head on scariest, yet most tasteful horror-punk song you may come across. One may even ask how such lyrics, as descriptive, were inspired. But, this song is in heated competition with all the others- being that they are just as chilling with abundant details within the lyrics and building in eerie and uncanny anticipation as the story grows.

As the album continues, so does the terror! “Cadaverous” presents some shock rock theatricality! It showcases a very sci-fi sound- fit for those who enjoy Rob Zombie. Obvious to say, but the solo slays- wicked fast scales and licks. Not to forget to mention the drilling drums that are more vigorous than most tracks. The lyrics also fit perfectly with the murderous theme. Cadaverous itself means to resemble a corpse in being thin, pale, and boney which effortlessly explains the story of seeing an open grave at the cemetery. It also shares the story of lusting over a dead girl.

Other tracks seem to be a balance between simplistic with just power chords, following some shredder heavy solos. There also features some organ in tracks to amplify the Gothic sound and funeral feel. Technique is killer good- crisp, clean, tastefully uses full kit to their advantage within the drums- which truly is what stood out to me throughout the album. “You Breathe, I Kill” probably my favorite track. It’s just so heavy, metal focused, and hellish. The message is intense, as it discusses the kill of the victim with a knife. But the solo… OH THE SOLO! It was so wired and pleasing. That sassy tone of the chorus and verses had me SOLD!

Wednesday 13 exhibit such great talent, skills, and ability- shown through this album. Personally, the lyrics were a bit too graphic, but I’m not even disgusted or pushed away from this band since they presented horror in such a commendable way. The writing was very tasteful- give it a listen!


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