WEDNESDAY 13 at Club Red, October 2016

       Soundwave Brigade was out at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona to cover Wednesday 13 as he made his way back into the Valley of the Sun on the …And Bloodshed For All Tour 2016, with special guests One Eyed Doll, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse!

       Now if you’re a fan of Horror/Sci-Fi themed entertainment and Rock/Metal and Punk music genres and have a sense of humor and exercise it regularly then Wednesday 13 has been providing this level of entertainment for over 2 decades. However if you’re an uptight person with an Oak tree shoved deep inside your rectum turned sideways and lack a sense of humor, and enjoy spending your life savings on therapy and personality workshops and have no interest in developing a sense of humor then this level of entertainment is not recommended for you.


       Wednesday 13’s music career set out in the early mid 1990’s when he started playing guitar in a band first known as Mizery, which would later become Psycho Opera. He would then form Maniac Spider Trash and front the band as it’s vocalist. In 1996, Wednesday 13 along fellow guitarist and drummer from Maniac Spider Trash would form Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, between 1996 and 2002 the band would release five studio albums with a varying roster of members. May of 2006, the band reunited and was followed by a tour with Alice Cooper and released a box set entitled Little Box of Horrors which contained the band’s entire discography. The band broke up shortly after the release of the box set.

       In 2002 Wednesday 13 was contacted by Joey Jordison (formerly of Slipknot) to join the band Murderdolls, first to play bass guitar, then became the lead vocalist. Releasing an EP in 2002, titled Right to Remain Violent to promote the upcoming album Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls released later that year. The majority of songs on the first album were re-recorded versions of songs from Wednesday 13’s previous band Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13. Many fans of Wednesday 13 cite the above mentioned first album as there introduction to Wednesday 13 as this was a time frame when the Murderdolls released two music videos, the first being “Dead in Hollywood” which featured a cameo by Marilyn Manson and the Murderdolls can be seen performing this song as well on an episode of the TV show Dawson’s Creek. The second video was a cover of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and if you haven’t seen this video, you should check it out.


       The Murderdolls also had the song  “Welcome to the Strange” featured on the soundtrack for the movie Freddy vs. Jason. In 2004 the Murderdolls would go on hiatus and in 2010 the Murderdolls reunited and released their second album  Women & Children Last. The second album was met with positive reviews by critics and welcomed by fans alike. The band split up in 2011.

       In 2004, after the Murderdolls went on hiatus Wednesday 13 went on a solo tour in the U.K. in March called the Graveyard A Go-Go Tour and when he returned to the United States he decided to put together a more permanent band and perform under the Wednesday 13 name.


In 2005 he released his debut album Transylvania 90120: Songs of Death, Dying,and the Dead.

       Releasing a video for “I Walked with a Zombie” to promote his first solo release, featuring the band in footage from the original Night of the Living Dead horror movie. The band would go on tour in the U.K. and perform on the main stage of the Download Festival at Donington Park, and opened a few shows for Alice Cooper around Halloween. The second album Fang Bang, was released in 2006 with the single “My Home Sweet Homicide” and accompanying video to support the sophomore album that gave a more humorous twist that is solidified by Wednesday 13’s style.

       Wednesday 13 would continue his solo career with releasing his third studio album, Skeletons in 2008 which would have a heavier and darker tone than the previous record, along with his first EP titled, Bloodwork. Later in the same year he would release his first live album, Fuck It, We’ll Do It Live. May of 2011, a remix album titled Re-Animated was released and Wednesday 13 announced that a portion of all sales for the first month would be donated to the American Red Cross.


       October of 2011, would bring the release of the fourth studio album, Calling All Corpses and placed 21st on the Top New Artists Albums (Heatseekers Albums) chart by Billboard Magazine after selling around 1,300 copies in its first week. The EP, Spook and Destroy featured a mix of new material, re-recordings and re-mixes and made its release in October of 2012. The Dixie Dead, the fifth studio album debuted in February 2013. In 2014 Wednesday 13 would have two releases, the first being Undead Unplugged an acoustic album and Dead Meat: 10 Years of Blood, Feathers, & Lipstick which is a 4 disc box set that contains a decade of Wednesday 13’s music from his various projects over the years. His sixth studio album, Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague was Wednesday 13’s first concept album and was released in January 2015. The latest release would receive positive reviews from critics and fans and Wednesday 13 would embark on multiple tours in support of his sixth album.

       Now that we’ve covered a brief synopsis of Wednesday 13’s musical history, Soundwave Brigade can begin to share with you all our coverage of tonight’s show here at Club Red on this Friday evening of the 21st of October 2016 in Mesa, Arizona.

       With fans coming from all over Maricopa County to the city of Mesa for a night of horror themed music with a sick and twisted sense of humor that only Wednesday 13 can deliver with style, the fans eagerly make their way into Club Red and gather as they wait for the show to begin.


       As showtime approaches the audience gathered in front of the stage, adorned in t-shirts from past shows and some with newly acquired merch and admired the scenery of props stationed across the stage as the lights dimmed and the stage went dark and an intro began to play and a thundering drum sequence erupts from the darkness as the lights come on as the rest of the band join in performing “Keep Watching the Skies”, and behold for Wednesday 13 has come and joining him on stage are Roman Surman (Lead Guitar), Jack Tankersley (Guitar), Troy Doebbler (Bass), and Kyle Castronovo (Drums).   

       The members of the band were all in their own makeup as a hooded Wednesday 13 positioned himself between the lights as to keep himself in relative shadow and at the halfway point of the song Troy steps forward while clapping his hands as he encouraged the crowd to join him as Wednesday 13 says, “Make some noise Arizona!”, and the crowd returns the request. With the first song ending the audience begins their applause as the show goes right into the intro of the second song and the fans hold on to their applause as they witness Wednesday 13 turn his back to them and drop his hood revealing a mask positioned at the back of his head, as “Put Your Death Mask On” really kicks off, and performed the entire song with himself reversed to the crowd.

       While still standing in a reversed character as the third song began, smoke poured out of the stepped riser surrounding Wednesday 13 as he turned and faced the crowd with matte black makeup covering his right arm, neck, and face and began unleashing the lyrics of “I Want You Dead”. When the song ended the fans responded with a roar of applause of approval as they were really starting to get riled up and into the show they came here to see.


        After a brief intro, the fourth song of tonight’s set was “The Ghost of Vincent Price” and Wednesday 13 came back on stage with a new mask that had a ring in the forehead and had a porcelain look to it as he performed, the show continued on with “Scary Song”. As “Scream Baby Scream” was beginning Wednesday 13 calls out to the crowd, “Put your hands in the air, motherfuckers!”, and the fans begin clapping along to the beat of the song. During the song, Roman, Jack, and Troy came forward and start jumping to the rhythm of the song and encourage the fans to join in, for which they got the message and joined in on the fun, until the end of the song and the stage went dark to the cheers and whistles of the fans.

       In the darkness, a prolonged intro began to play, and an impatient attendee decided it was a great idea to take out his phone and turn the light on and point it at the stage….and was quickly reminded by surrounding fans of what they thought of this great idea, and this attendee, and he must of had an epiphany because he turned of his light and put it away and didn’t do it again…..and the lights came on revealing Troy playing his intro to “Serpent Society”, and then joined by Jack and Roman on stage as Wednesday 13 comes forward wearing a black Devil mask and asks the crowd to raise their horns, and with arms raised and horns presented the show goes on with moments of fog and an all red lighting sequence throughout the song.

       In the darkness the fans recognize the intro playing and begin to whistle and cheer as “The Dixie Dead” begins with its satirical horror movie trailer intro, and the audience begins to clap along and later stomping to the beat, with Roman showing some style with using a slide on his guitar for the duration of the eighth song of the show.


       “People of Earth,…..people of Arizona make some fucking noise,……come out and play!” Wednesday 13 says to the fans before him and then begin “Come Out and Plague”. With a small circle pit in action and the crowd’s arms raised in the air they cheer for the band to play on as the stage goes dark and an audio excerpt from the movie Flash Gordon plays over the speakers as Kyle begins playing his drums to start “Hail Ming”, with Wednesday 13 coming on stage with a solid white demonic looking mask and the audience begins to jump around to the intense thunderous rhythm of this song and continuing to feed of the excitement of the fans, Wednesday 13 kneels down at the end of the song and says, “You’ll never believe what I did last night….I walked with a zombie…”, and as they saying goes…. the crowd goes wild as the fan favorite “I Walked with a Zombie” is performed. With the fans singing along, Wednesday 13 was having a blast himself as he interacted with the fans as for the first time of the night coming forward and standing upon the top of the lighted riser at the center of the stage to conduct the crowd along with the song. With the music ending, Wednesday 13 says, “Thank You” to the crowd and salutes them and with a roar of cheer from the audience as the stage goes dark as another interlude begins to play.

       The next song up is a song that many of Wednesday 13 fans know and find the humor in as it relates to a word, a word that from the very first line of the song openly informs you of his problem……and Soundwave Brigade is going to share with you our live footage of this performance, so enjoy our video of….”I Love to Say Fuck”.

       With a highly energized crowd cheering on, Wednesday 13 leans into his microphone and states to the crowd, “Good evening Arizona, how the fuck you doing out there boys and girls?” Through the cheer, he continues to thank all the other bands who also performed tonight, and also states, “But most importantly make some noise for yourselves,… you are the reason we do this, thank you for showing up tonight making noise and making us feel good about ourselves….for you make some noise!” After a few more small announcements concerning the new and upcoming album Condolences, they perform the final song of the show with another fan favorite “Bad Things”.

       With the audience enjoying the last song of the night, the song winds down and with Wednesday 13 going around the stage to his performing members and introduces them one by one until he returns to the riser and introduces himself to the crowd and then says,”We’ll see you next time, make some fucking noise!”, and from the darkness of the stage a last “Thank you”, from Wednesday 13, bringing tonight’s show to a close with the fans continuing on with their applause as they exit the stage.  

       Wednesday 13 delivered one hell of a live show with an intense light show, filled with elements of horror, mixed with a sick and twisted sense of humor that his fanbase know and love him for, backed by a kick ass line up of musicians that aid in the chaos of what you would expect from Wednesday 13!

       The fans had an awesome time here tonight and so did Soundwave Brigade, as Wednesday 13 reached into his disgustraphy and performed thirteen killer tracks for us, and we still have another surprise for you to enjoy, before the show we spent some time with Wednesday 13 for an interview and we invite you to enjoy the video below, so find out what Wednesday 13 had to say.

       Wednesday 13 will be performing at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California tonight!  Wednesday 13 has plans of releasing his seventh album Condolences in early 2017! Upcoming shows are scheduled in March of next year for the Undead Unplugged Down Under 2017 Tour, so for more information about Wednesday 13 and future plans and events we have some links for you down below for you check out.  

       Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Wednesday 13, Roman, Jack, Troy, and Kyle for their combined efforts in putting on a killer show, again we thank Wednesday 13 for setting some time aside for us, Lerin thank you for your assistance as well. We would also like to thank 13th Floor Entertainment and Club Red and their staff for hosting tonight’s events, and all who came together to make this show possible.

       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at 

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