We Have the Moon – “Till the Morning Comes” Album Review

We Have the Moon – “Till the Morning Comes” (Rockshots Records)
By: Brian Campbell


So apparently crunkcore is still a thing, contrary to the widespread belief that Brokencyde wrote the flavor-of-the-moment genre’s long overdue epitaph years ago. Well, We Have the Moon never got that memo, which is clearly evident by their latest album “Till the Morning Comes.”

‘Raise your hand if you want to have sex tonight, raise your hands if you wanna get drunk tonight’ We Have the Moon asks on intro “Y.D.S.U.Y.S.” Just keep in mind that this is only the album’s intro track. While it’s possible that some stuff gets lost in translation as We Have the Moon hail from Bologna, Italy, title track “Till The Morning Comes” is a muddled mess of auto-tuned vocals, record scratches and death metal growls complete with an out of place electronic interlude. Things get a little better on “Killer Party,” though any feelings of goodwill towards the track are quickly evaporated as frontman Makku yells “I want to fuck you!” Insert groaning noise here. “Definitely Not a Serenade” is fine, but the auto-tuned clean vocals are vile, though sadly enough it’s one of the albums best tracks. You have to celebrate the little things, right?

“Till the Morning Comes” hits a stretch of decency starting with “2:00 AM Pasta Break,” a fun electronic interlude (bonus points for no vocals), “Unreasonable,” “This is What We Love the Most” and “Lovely Lights” are all actually halfway decent. Ironically, the last track, “A Ghost Friend of Mine” might just be the strongest track on “Till the Morning Comes” thanks to coherent structures, inoffensive vocals and non-ear-piercing synth.

Maybe “Till the Morning Comes” is a better album is you don’t account for, or pay any attention to, the piss poor songwriting. Who knows. Either way you look at it, this is a pretty bad record. Listen at your own risk.




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