We Came As Romans – Cold Like War Tour at Joe’s Grotto

We Came As Romans, Photo By Julius Aguilar

On the evening of March 18, 2018 the “Cold Like War Tour”, featuring We Came As Romans, The Plot In You, Oceans Ate Alaska, Currents, Tempting Fate and local band Note To Self gathered at Joe’s Grotto to perform to a packed house. The line was massive and loud as anyone approached to get into the door; starting from the door way, in the corner of the plaza where Joe’s Grotto sits, up the sidewalk and around corner at the end of the plaza. You could hear and feel the excitement and anticipation, respectively, as Joe’s Grotto open the doors for show time and the line began to move forward.

Once inside the crowd sprawls out throughout the venue, with some heading to the merchandise booth, others rushing to the standing floor to claim their positions and those that were age 21+ headed to the bar and outside for a smoke. The venue quickly got louder as the fans outside began coming in to see the first band Note To Self. Note To Self, opening for the chaotic night ahead, showed the crowd they were meant on the stage performing a set that captured the audience’s attention; Note To Self play as if they were actually on this tour full-time and showing the crowd what Arizona’s metal scene has to offer.

The second band was Tempting Fate, whose set started not as intended with technical difficulties. Each band member scurrying around on the stage trying to fix the issues shows you how committed and fan focused they were; although Tempting Fate did not start on time they made it up by performing twice as hard per song making sure the crowd was never at a stand still. Their set was short but the raw enjoyment and cheering you heard from the crowd as Tempting Fate finished their set, showed they made up for it in their performance.

Currents, the third band of the night picked up where Tempting Fate left off. Carrying the momentum of chaotic heavy metal screaming music forward. Currents created an environment, in which every song they played gave the crowd began to either mosh, jump, try to get on stage and cheer throughout their set. With Currents marking the half way point of the show, you could tell the crowd was content enough from the first three bands but with all that energy in the venue they still had more in store for the last three bands Oceans Ate Alaska, The Plot In You and We Came As Romans.

The last three sets were where the crowd really exploded each set had their own set of mosh pits, fans screaming and singing along; the vibe that the bands created from set one never died down it just grew more and more through out the night and got even crazier. Oceans Ate Alaska, amped the crowd building towards the finale. The Plot In You, took that crowd for a ride that included fans moshing and pushing closer to the stage.

Then finally, We Came As Romans ended the night magnificently with a show that gave the fans that climactic ending they were waiting for. This is when the crowd squeezed the standing area of the venue trying to get closer on stage which lead fans to crowd surf toward the stage. All in all, the night was none other than a successful show, with fans enjoying every moment of the evening and the bands each performing at the top of their musical caliber as they could.

We Came As Romans

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The Plot In You

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Oceans Ate Alaska

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Tempting Fate

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Note To Self

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