Vancouver Punks, Rare Americans Release Music Video “Balmoral Hotel”

Rare Americans release yet another music video following the huge successes of “Cats, Dogs, & Rats” and “Moss Park.”  The new video for single, “Balmoral Hotel” features actress, Grace Dove, of the Oscar-winning film, The Revenant.  This may be Rare Americans’ most provocative video yet.  A hopeless father, trapped in a drug dependency struggle, and his daughter who only speaks with him once a year.  This time, their paths cross seemingly by coincidence, as the father’s demons guide him through a drug-induced daze to the same bar his daughter is celebrating in.

Already today, the video has racked up over 200,000 views on YouTube.  Their last release, “Moss Park” also passed 600,000 views in only a week.

Rare Americans enjoy and draw inspiration from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Bad Religion and Run the Jewels.  Stylistic elements from these artists are evident in the unique blend of indie and alternative sound from Rare Americans.

“Balmoral Hotel” tells a compelling story of a dysfunctional father, daughter relationship strained by drug use.  It is certain that it will tug at the heartstrings of viewers as its subject matter relates a great deal to drug dependency ravaging the country today.

Rare Americans. Two Canadian Priestner brothers who’d never written a song together until a year ago and a crazy Slovakian guitar virtuoso named Lubo. Go figure.  Not crooked in the sense they’re criminals, in fact, they barely have a speeding ticket between them. Crooked in the sense that they see the world a little crooked, telling stories with slants. Rare Americans sing for characters who rarely take the straight path. Catchy because they like catchy music and this way if no one else likes it at least they can enjoy belting out these classics at family dinner. That’s highly unlikely, however, this record is fucking good.

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