Trivium – “The Sin and the Sentence” Album Review

Trivium – The Sin and the Sentence – Album Review
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By:  Leslie Elder Rogers


Trivium consists of vocalist and lead guitarist, Matt Heafy, guitarist, Corey Beaulieu, bass guitarist, Paolo Gregoletto, and new drummer, Alex Bent.  Each album they release is better than the last even though they have been a bit unpredictable as far as musical content throughout the years.  They’ve also faced a string of bad luck with the need to replace their drummers multiple times. They seem to have been searching over the years, for the sound they want to be known for, something that is specific to them that no one can contradict or untangle.  The combination of fast paced, forcefully demanding metal, and amazing vocal melody that intensifies to powerful screams and growls without pause are what make this band one of my favorites in every way.  The Sin and the Sentence was released October 20, 2017 and has already been received well by fans.  Being an admirer of the drums, I listen intensely to what the drummers bring to the table.  I listen for their ability to link the other instruments and vocals by providing the strong background rhythm that is so necessary in metal and rock music.  I am a sucker for a passionate drum solo if it can be pulled off without just sounding like someone throwing beats down without meaning.  Trivium has been fortunate enough to have some absolutely amazing drummers to date.


There are eleven tracks on The Sin and the Sentence and each track gives us a huge dose of exactly what makes this band so exciting.  The title track, “The Sin and the Sentence” and track two “Beyond Oblivion”, kick this album off with powerful, rolling drums beats.  This further validates that Alex is stepping into the role seamlessly and getting the job done without falter.  “Other Worlds” begins a little more softly, distant vocals in the background before Matt comes in loud and clear. He is truly a skilled vocalist with clear and precise tone when he needs it.  “The Heart From Your Hate” has been released as a single and has a more melodic tone throughout where “Betrayer”, “The Wretchedness Inside”, and “Sever the Hand” abound with stealthy guitar riffs as Matt’s throat wrenching screams take over.  “Endless Night” switches back to a more pure vocal sound, much resembling “The Heart From Your Hate”.  The final tracks keep the pace of the album consistently.  In “Revanchist”, the longest track on the album and an instrumentally saturated track, the massive guitar riff solos amplify the strength of the song.  Though Trivium has had their issues in the past, the last few albums have really helped them find themselves musically.  I hope that The Sin and the Sentence thrusts them toward the industry satisfaction they deserve.


Track List:

  • The Sin and the Sentence
  • Beyond Oblivion
  • Other Worlds
  • The Heart From Your Hate
  • Betrayer
  • The Wretchedness Inside
  • Endless Night
  • Sever the Hand
  • Beauty in the Sorrow
  • The Revanchist
  • Thrown Into the Fire


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