Trivium Howitzer and co-op coverage

On Jan, 30th 2016 I set out to cover the Trivium show out at The Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ. Being this was my first time attending this venue I wanted to leave a little early to check it out and see how things are going to work. Well I am glad I did that 🙂 upon arriving I saw the live was wrapped around the building down the street for this show. So I get in line and think to myself man this is going to freaking take forever to get in here I’m going to miss the first bands.  Surprisingly with only two people checking at the door it went really quick and I was in before the first band took the stage.


After entering the venue I started looking around just checking the space/lighting and what not out. It reminded me of the Marquee but a little smaller and everything was in one room not separated off.  

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After about 15 minutes of being inside the first band which was CO-OP took the stage. So I worked my way up to the front to the photo pit to start taking some pictures. I enter and looked around like where is everyone? It was weird I was the only person in the pit for quite awhile taking photos of them. It made me think like am I doing something wrong? Is this band really that bad? Is a party going on that I don’t know about? Anyways so I keep on going snapping away and jamming out as this was my first time hearing the band. So once I get done shooting I’m getting ready to leave. As I’m walking out of the pit I had a fellow photographer friend tell me that I might want to stay as Alice is coming out. I was like ok Alice who? So I stick around and the next song begins. Well low and behold the one and only Alice Cooper came out and did a song with CO-OP. I really didn’t do any research on this band as I wasn’t covering them, but finding out later the lead singer Dash is Mr. Cooper’s son. So I have to say I am glad I had a chance to cover them and capture the moments of him and his some as well as discover another great band. I also have to say I am very happy I covered them as well because a member of their management team contacted me about the show and loved my images 🙂 So thank you for such an awesome night and set..


Next up on stage was another local powerhouse called Howitzer.. As always these guys bring it to every show they play. With Matt and Jeremy on the guitar and bass and known for high jumping in the air throughout the set you know it’s always a good time. I loved the way they also did the drum setup in front of the stage and at an angle. It’s always hard to get good shots of the drummer, and with this setup I was able to get some pretty good shots I think. All I can say about Howitzer is if you haven’t heard them and checked out a show you need to do it. They are an amazing band from Phoenix, AZ to which has played all around the country. So if you see them coming to a town near you check it out.

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Next up is the headliner Trivium.. Having been listening to these guys since about 2001 and attending a few shows in the past as a guest, I was happy to finally being able to cover an actual show. These guys freaking packed the house out at The Pressroom. With loud riffs, and heavy hits my ears were ringing at the end of the night. The crowd was thick and the pit was moving with the crowd surfing flowing. I’m not sure what else I can say about these guys other from it was a kick ass show. I’d suggest checking them out if you get a chance..







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