Trivium at Marquee Theatre

       Soundwave Brigade was out at the Marquee Theatre this past Saturday on the 24th of September 2016 as Trivium was set to perform while on the Silence In The Snow Tour Fall 2016 with Sabaton and local support by SoundmanKillz! So enjoy our coverage of Trivium as we present our review, slideshow, live performance video, and an exclusive interview!

       Trivium is a Metal/Thrash band that formed in 1999 and hails from Orlando, Florida. From their beginnings they would attract attention and join a new generation of Metal bands who would pay homage to their influences (Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Dio) and carry the torch of Metal into a new century with their own style and sound. With the Metal community worldwide and the fans of Trivium citing their sophomore album titled Ascendancy as their breakthrough album that would set Trivium on a global path of musical evolution and sonic destruction that would earn them millions of fans and recognition from all over the world.


       Over the years, Trivium has travelled the world and been apart of many notable tours with many other well known bands, and even shared the stage with many of their own heroes and influences. With the many accomplishments that the band has had, they have also continued to evolve and incorporate what they have learned and apply those new skill sets with every new project they undertake. With a current discography of seven studio albums to date and currently touring , Trivium keeps a creative mindset about their future and musical direction.

       And once again Trivium’s path has lead them back to the Valley of the Sun for the second time this year as they make their stop here in Tempe, Arizona to perform at the Marquee Theatre and Soundwave Brigade was able to speak with Corey Beaulieu before tonight’s show and are very grateful for the opportunity for him to give us an inside look to Trivium’s past and what they have planned in the near future, so we invite you to take a moment and enjoy the video of our interview with Corey below.



       With the Marquee full of excited metalheads who have gathered here for tonight’s show, and after Sabaton’s show the fans gathered amongst themselves in groups around every available area here, from the lobby to merch area, to the outside patio to grab a drink and prepare for Trivium to begin. With many people finding themselves in discussions with other fans about past performances they had witnessed by Trivium and the band’s history would just add to their excitement of the impending show.

       The crowd of concertgoers making their return within the venue as the minutes counted down to the scheduled showtime were greeted with Iron Maiden’s classic “Run to the Hills”, played across the venue’s speakers and the crowd loved it and sang along as a massive metal choir as they waited. As the music died and in the shadows of the stage, all eyes went forward to watch for an sign of activity as the audience began to chant the band’s name.


       From the shadows a silhouette appeared from behind the drumkit and a single light came on revealing Paul Wandtke (Drums) with his arms raised high and nodding his welcome the crowd as he sat down behind his drums and the stage again went dark. Within a few seconds time, the stage lit up as Paolo Gregoletto (Bass, Vocals), Matt Heafy (Lead Vocals, Guitar), and Corey Beaulieu (Guitar, Vocals) marched out onto the stage completing the quartet, with Matt coming front center stage to stand upon a riser with his right hand to his ear and left arm waving up to encourage the crowd to elevate their cheer and applause as Trivium unleashed “Strife” and began their show and Heafy was all smiles as the crowd chanted along and welcomed the band with roaring applause.

       Wasting no time, the next song was a fan favorite and really got the crowd jumping and rather than go into it , we would rather show you, so please enjoy the live performance video of “A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation”, below.



       Before the third song Matt took some time to welcome and greet the crowd as the show continued on with “Forsake Not the Dream”, and after the song ended Heafy took another moment to address the audience with the band’s gratitude and share a memory from the their past of when they first played at the Marquee Theatre back in 2004 with Machine Head and Chimera, that they remember this very vividly as they played in front of maybe twenty-five people back then and opening his arms Matt said, “ Look at this Man, 12 years later, look at this shit…(gesturing to the size of the crowd), thank you guys so fucking much!” With the roar of cheer coming from the fans completely drowning out the rest of Matt’s speech, the show went on with Trivium performing “Rise Above the Tides”.

       Reaching into their catalog, Trivium performed a selection from each one of the seven albums that they have released over the course of the band’s existence such as “Silence in the Snow”, “Requiem”, and “Until the World Goes Cold”, to which the fans showed Trivium their appreciation with loud cheer and Metal driven headbanging, moshing, and jumping with the rhythm of the songs they enjoyed with their fists in the air and singing along… for which Matt would step away from the mic and smile and nod his appreciation to the crowd for their involvement.


       With the audience in full participation, Trivium played on with “Down From the Sky”, “Rain”, and “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr” and winding down their show with Paul performing a drum solo, and for the final song of the night Matt comes forward and says,”You all have been incredible tonight!”, and gives instructions for the crowd to participate in the final song by kneeling down and jumping up and yelling two words “In Waves”, and began the so titled song with the audience following instruction and erupting into a sea of people jumping and chanting these two words along with Heafy as the circle pit of moshers and a few crowd surfers enjoyed the final song of the night, and at show’s end Heafy makes his final statement to the crowd with saying,” You all were fucking amazing tonight….., we are Trivium….,we will always return….,thank you!” With a final gesture, Matt tosses out his guitar pick and the show ends in thunderous applause from all in the venue.

       Trivium once again came to the Marquee Theatre and rocked the house, and brought with them their promise of an intense live show that has earned them their global fan base and carves that reputation into the hearts and eardrums of those who come out to see them perform live!


       The band is currently out on tour and has plans in the near future and some of those plans were revealed in our interview with Corey. So for more information and updates about Trivium we have some links for you down below to help you follow Trivium.

       Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Trivium for an awesome show, and again to express our gratitude to Corey Beaulieu for his time, as well as to thank the Marquee Theatre for hosting the event, and their staff for their assistance and hospitality, again thank you.
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