Trivium + Arch Enemy at Marquee Theatre

Trivium, Photo By: Julius Aguilar

Metal heads in Phoenix, Arizona got an early Christmas gift this year and it did not disappoint; after a month of touring, Arch Enemy and Trivium stop by the Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona on Decmeber 1, 2017 for their North America Tour. Joining the festivities in selling out and demolishing venues with them are While She Sleeps and Fit for an Autopsy.

The fans storm the gates, moving as swiftly as possible to get inside the Marquee Theatre. Some fans gather at the merch booth to buy merchandise as the majority march into the main stage room to get first picks as close to the action as possible.

The show kicks off with Fit for an Autopsy greeting a packed house; getting the already energetic crowd warmed up. The crowd is pleased with the set cheering for every breakdown and screeching vocal with songs like “Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell”, “Still We Destroy” and “Heads Will Hang.” Fit for an Autopsy sets the mood and hands off to While She Sleeps who sets scene.

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Jumping off the bass drums and getting crowd participation, While She Sleeps with a perfect transition from Fit for an Autopsy keeps the crowds blood pumping and on their feet. Fans of the heavy sounds, begin small intimate mosh pits through out the crowd. Surf-crowding fans being gathered from the front of the stage is confirmation that the crowd is ready for more and are willing to show out for the event. While She Sleeps ends their show leaving the fans wanting more and who else to give it to them other than Arch Enemy.

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As the stage hands help with setting up and getting Arch Enemy ready to play there is little to no movement from the crowd leaving to the bar or the merchandise booth. More fans crowd the main stage hall and the mezzanine has fans screaming in excitement.

Arch Enemy, who released “Will to Power” their 10th studio album in September of 2017 opens their set with a song off the new album “The World is Yours”. A combination of amazing stage lighting, the head banging of the band members and the energy of the song gave the crowds the urge to immediately throw those beloved devil horns in the air and scream in excitement.

Alissa, lead vocalist, in a stunning outfit provides an amazing range of vocal screaming along with Michael Amott, Jeff Loomis, Sharlee D’Angelo and Michael Amott providing some of the best melodic guitar playing and drumming to get the crowd up off their feet jumping and crowd surfing. Arch Enemy’s set consisted of songs off their new album such as “The Race” and “The Eagle Flies Alone” as well as hits from previous albums such as “Ravenous”, “As the Pages Burn”, “Nemesis” and “We Will Rise”.

Arch Enemy providing a knock out performance leaves Trivium a crowd fully wound and ready to spring. Trivium like Arch Enemy released the new album “The Sin and the Sentence” in October of 2017. As Trivium takes the stage in a dimly lit auditorium the crowd gets tighter, fans squeezing into every space possible to get closer the band all begin to cheer and a sea of hands fill the air with devil horns waving.

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Trivium starts their set with their new album titled song “The Sin and the Sentence” moving into “Down From the Sky” which brought mass cheering and jumping from the fans. Other songs played through out Trivium’s set were “Like Light to the Flies”, “Rain”, “The Heart From Your Hate”, “Thrown Into the Fire” and “In Waves”. With an amazing set list, stage lighting and gracious attitudes from Matt Heafy (guitarist/lead vocalist), Corey Beaulieu (lead guitarist), Alex Bent (drummer) and Paolo Gregoletto (bassist) left fans content and giving them their monies worth.

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