Toothless – “Red” Album Review

Toothless – “Red” (Unsigned)
By: Tom Hanno

Toothless, who hail from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, play a sub-genre of metal-core, mixed with math-core, and hard-core, influences. No matter what it is called, genre-wise, it deserves to be heard, because this is some hard-hitting, mind-bending, complicated metal. The band takes influences from groups like Dillinger Escape Plan, Baroness, Beartooth, Code Orange, Every Time I Die, Comeback Kid, System of a Down, My Ticket Home, Maximum The Hormone, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Church Tongue, Converge, and so much more. Red, the new E.P. set to release on March 30th, is 6 songs of biting, ferocious metal that dares to defy genre boundaries, and will rip your head off with every track!

“Broken Toes” is my top pick because it is a perfect example of all the things Toothless does within their music. It has some math-core insanity, some hard-core brutality, and vocals that would make Calen Schomo jealous! There is a bit of jazz influence is some of the guitar lines, with a metal-core twist to them. You can really hear The Dillinger Escape Plan influence in some of the crazier guitar parts, and it is solidly done!!!

“Torches” is an assault on your ear canal from the get-go. The vocals are brutal, the riffs are absolutely insane; some very incredible guitar work throughout this entire track!! The second half of this one is brutally heavy, and not as maniacally paced as the first half.

“Red”, which is quite obviously the title track, is an excellent way to release the listener from the album; as it is the last song presented here. This is another shining example of what this band is able to create. Just killer metal, with no filler!

Toothless was a new band to me when I received the e-mail containing the Red album, but now they are among my favorites for March so far. It takes an insane amount of musical skill to do what they do, and I think that everyone who loves metal should check them out!! I’ll drop you a link below to get you on your way. Enjoy!!!

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