tome coverage at rock bar jan 2016

Coverage/Photos By: Isadora Bevins

Saturday night’s concert at Scottsdale’s Rock Bar offered an array of some of Arizona’s finest metal bands. Tome was no exception. Described as goddess metal, Tome is comprised of members Tantra (vocals), James Chris Brown (guitar), Seph Brown (bass), Josh Brown (drums), and Melody Mariposa (keyboard). Last fall they lost one of their founding members and bass player, Raziel “Raz” Rodney Weger. Raz was a talented musician and a powerful force in the group. His death not only affected the band, but all of Tome’s fans. However, despite their loss, the band has continued to carry the torch and they have been busy performing for packed venues throughout the valley.


The band is no stranger to opening for big acts, like Otep and One Eyed Doll. On Saturday they opened for fellow Phoenix metal band, Sicmonic. Tome’s music is theatrical, metal, and also spiritual. The band has an incredible work ethic, which was evident in their concert. Besides exhibiting cohesion, the group was charismatic and very quickly set the tone for the evening. Tantra (also known as Sarah Lanouar) sang beautifully and with a lot of emotion. It is nearly impossible not to feel the spirituality and energy that the band embraces in their music. Those who had the privilege of knowing or even just watching Raz perform could feel his presence at the show. By the end of the set, the audience was completely engaged and mesmerized.


Tome shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to performing shows, they are working on new music. Expect to see much more of this band as they continue to gain momentum as one of Phoenix’s premier metal bands.  




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