Thundermother “Thundermother” Album Review

Thundermother – “Thundermother” (Despotz Records)
By: Tom Hanno

Thundermother, from Stockholm, Sweden, play loud, riotous, riff-driven, rock n roll. From the very first notes of this album it is very apparent that these ladies have studied the catalog of AC/DC albums. Their self-titled album, available now through Despotz Records, is proof that even as bland a band as AC/DC can inspire greatness in others!! This is an excellent effort, and I have been stomping my feet to these hard-rocking tunes since I started playing it!!

Album opener, “Revival”, sounds like a mix of “Thunderstruck” and “Back in Black”. The minimalist guitar work in the intro, coupled with the gang vocals really brings AC/DC to the forefront of my mind here. “We got the drums, the bass and guitar, that’s what we need”, and that cannot be any further from the truth!!!

“Survival Song” has a strong, steady eighth note beat that drives this song forward. I’m serious when I say that I stomped my foot through this whole track. The solo, and the rhythm work underneath are awesome!! Then the section right after hits, and the riff is huge; killer rock n roll for the modern age!!!!

“Racing on Mainstreet” has a Buckcherry feel to it. This is another barn burner of a song, full of energy and rock n roll swagger. I totally dig the guitar tones, and the vocals are fantastic as well.

“Fire in the Rain” sees the band slowing down a bit. This track reminds me of a mix of early Melissa Etheridge and Alannah Myles. Even though this one is a bit more subdued, it still has a fantastic rock feel; especially in the chorus where the vocal melodies are so strong.

“We Fight for Rock n Roll” was the only song I wasn’t impressed with. It has an overly pronounced AC/DC sound, bordering on it may as well be an AC/DC song. It is just too much of an influence from them, and lacks any real identity outside of that comparison. That being said, they do it very well, even if I am not pleased to hear it.

Thundermother has released a great album here, and they are all extremely talented ladies. This album would be great at the bar, parties, or just for listening in your car. So, go and give Thundermother a serious listen, show them some love on their social media pages, and share them with your friends!!!! I’ll drop you a link below to help you on your way. Enjoy!!

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