TheObelisk Video Premiere: Rock A DEVIL’S DIN “Eternal Now”

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TheObelisk Video Premiere: Montreal Psychedelic Rock A DEVIL’S DIN “Eternal Now”

New Album “One Hallucination Under God” Out September 29th


A Devil’s Din are the psychedelic brainchild of UK-born Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist David Lines; joined on his creative journey by disciple of the Rickenbaker bass Thomas Chollet, and virtuoso drummer Dom Salameh

They are a trio of sonic alchemists that together create a chemical wedding of cosmic chords, constantly seeking the philosopher’s stone of the perfect psychedelic song…and as we all know, it’s not the journey…it’s the trip!

And A Devil’s Din certainly takes listeners on a trip…a journey to the center of the psyche with their superb mind-expanding music created for all the right reasons. Inspired by The Beatles (66,67), Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Byrds, Lines describes his band’s music as ‘adventurous, transcendent, melodic, esoteric, rockin’!”.

A Devil’s Din has two fine albums under their collective kaftans, “One Day All This Will Be Yours” (2011) and “Skylight” (2016), and now, as though creating a trans-dimensional triptych, they unleash “One Hallucination Under God”.

Lines has very positive aims.

“A Devil’s Din plays a form of rock music that takes cues from both psychedelic and progressive styles. Our goal is to create adventure though sound, hopefully allowing out listeners to connect with something more along the way. We know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but we want to have a positive effect on their psyche, not just through the music, but with words as well…This album is a trip to listen to, full of grooves and hooks and colour and meaning that will resonate with the Experienced Mind!…Overall the theme of the album is about “Perception Versus Reality”, our world is essentially a subjective experience, a reflection of our individual thoughts and judgments!”

“One Hallucination Under God” will be available as of September 29th, 2017.

Their first single and new video “Eternal Now” is exclusively premiering on at the following link:

“‘Eternal Now’ opens the album. It’s an upbeat song with a snazzy guitar riff and verse sung in three-part harmony. The chorus is the closest thing we have to a pop song, but when pop wasn’t a disposable, corporate-driven product. Overall, the theme of the album is about ‘Perception Versus Reality,’ how our world is essentially a subjective experience and a reflection of our individual thoughts and judgments. This idea is perhaps best expressed by semanticist Alfred Korzybski’s dictum, ‘The map is not the territory.’ Songs like ‘Sea of Time,’ ‘Eternal Now,’ ‘Where Do We Go?’ and the title-track all touch on this theme: how we are born into a reality and then conditioned into accepting that this version of reality is ‘it’… And anyone who’s been on the Psychedelic Path will tell you otherwise.”

Track Listing:
1. Eternal Now (3:25)
2. Brave New World (4:26)
3. Nearly Normal (4:06)
4. Home (5:15)
5. Who You Are (5:03)
6. Where Do We Go (5:04)
7. One Hallucination Under God (4:10)
8. Sea of Time (5:18)
9. Evolution (5:01)
Album Length: 41:50

A Devil’s Din is:
Dave Lines, Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Tom G. Stout, Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Dom Salameh, Drums/Perc/Vocals

Show Dates:
Sept 29 – Montreal, QC – L’Escogriffe (CD Release Party)

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