The Used + Glassjaw at The Van Buren

The Used at The Van Buren

The Used, currently still on tour, stopped in Phoenix, AZ with GlassJaw at The Van Buren on November 21, 2017 to celebrate the recent release of their 7th studio album, The Canyon.

As the crowd hugs the west wall of The Van Buren, stretching to the gates of an old church to the south, chatter and excitement fills the air as the fans hear The Used sound checking inside. As the venue opens for the crowd, they immediately rush for the product booth to purchase t-shirts, albums and signed posters by the members of The Used.

Eclipses for Eyes and GlassJaw join in opening for The Used in a spectacular transition of two different heavy sounds. Eclipses for Eyes sucked in the crowd from the bar, gathering attention and warming up the crowd for what was to come in the night. As Eclipses for Eyes finish their set and lights turn off, GlassJaw gets into place to perform one of the best openings coming in heavy and strong like a jolt of lighting.

GlassJaw without even trying, fills the room and the mezzanine amping the crowd with their crazy sounds and heavy vocal squeals. They leave the crowd wanting more as they leave the stage, a perfect setup for The Used.

The crowd gets riled up as they wait for The Used to start the show, and in an instant the room goes dark; the crowd cheers and push against each other to get closer to the front. Bert McCracken walks out center stage stops then turns around as the light shines behind the white curtains hiding the band. He begins conducting with hands in the air swaying about and the curtains drops to the song “Take it Away.

The show is filled with hit songs such as “Bird and Worm” and “All that I’ve Got” giving the crowd fuel to sing in harmony. Song after song, the mezzanine becomes unloaded and the main floor becomes flood and overcrowded. The Used treats the fans to songs off their new album “The Canyon” which was released in October through Hopeless Records, songs such as “Rise Up Lights”, “Over and Over Again” and “About You”.

The Used, GlassJaw and Eclipses for Eyes gave their fans, both new/current, and The Van Buren what they needed, leaving them content at the end of the show.

The Used’s new album “The Canyon” is available at your local music shops, so be sure to pick up a copy of their album. The album is also available at the following:


Apple Music:

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