The Revolution 3 Tour with Bush, Stone Temple Pilots and The CULT Show Coverage

The Revolution 3 Tour

Sunday September 2nd, 2018 fans from across the valley of the sun, Phoenix, the state of Arizona and quite possibly from neighboring states came together in a flood of excitement and craze as the The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots and Bush touched down at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Avondale, AZ as their last stop on The Revolution 3 Tour. With a capacity of approximately 20,000, waves of fans anxiously rushed to find parking and line up to get into the Ak-Chin Pavilion to see what was to come.

The crowd filled amphitheater was greeted to the sounds of the first band on The Revolution 3 Tour, The CultThe Cult created an ambiance of what the night would withhold and that was a night of rocking music that created enough spirit to push the crowds to cheer and give in to the nights emotion. The Cult played tracks off records such as Sonic Temple, Choice of Weapon, Hidden City and Electric. The first song to start their set was “Wildflower” which captured the audiences attention; felt by the choirs cheer from the crowd. The Cult performed tracks such as “Lil’ Devil”, “The Phoenix”, “Love Removal Machine”, “Sweet Soul Sister” and “Dark Energy”. 

With the crowd amped up and invested The Cult finishes their set and Stone Temple PilotsSTP, take the stage. In a roar of excitement the Phoenix crowd shows their excitement and appreciation for STP with fans standing, clapping, whistling and cheering. With all the cheering and excitement, STP start their set with the song “Wicked Garden” off the record Core. They follow that up with songs such as “Vasoline”, “Down”, “Plush”, “Meadow” and “Dead and Bloated”STP crushes the evening with a solid line up of songs that captivated the crowd in cheers as well as led most of the audience to sing along, as with the song “Plush”. They end their rock-filled, high energy, ear blasting set with the song “Sex Type Thing”, leaving the crowd in in a crazed filled state.

With the show close to its end you could feel the crowd still had a ton of energy to expend and Bush was the band to help the crowd with its final release on this labor day weekend. With no time wasting on building up the crowd, Bush hits the stage and performs the song “Machinehead” with immense energy and rock attitude. Playing tracks off of records such as Golden State, Sixteen Stone, The Sea of Memories and Black and White Rainbows. Captivating the crowds energy, those who could get closer squeezed the barricade to catch the powerful sounds and spirit of what Bush’s performance. Songs off their set were “This is War”, “Everything Zen”, “Glycerine”, “Swallowed” and a cover of The Beatles “Come Together”

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar


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Stone Temple Pilots

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