The Rain Within “Atomic Eyes” Album Review

The Rain Within – “Atomic Eyes” (Negative Gain)
By: Tom Hanno

The Rain Within, a synth-pop duo from Charlottesville, Virginia, has a new album out through Negative Gain Records. Atomic Eyes is an album that is will entrance you, pulling you deep within the trance-like tones of synthesizers, 1980’s influenced vocals, and powerful drums. This style of music harkens back to a time when synths were the go to instrument for many bands. Artists like Depeche Mode used them within the structure of a rock band to create some of the most memorable songs of our time, while artists like The Rain Within use the synth to make up a whole band. Even so, these songs are catchy as hell, and will make the perfect listening addition to anyone’s playlist.

One of my favorite tracks is called “Realign”. It employs a powerful bass type of sound to drive this song into your consciousness. The vocal melody is extremely memorable, and the synths swirl and crash into each other in wonderful fashion.

“Like the Devil” is the track that opens up this album and from the beginning of this song we get a very good idea of where it will take us. I love the songwriting throughout this record, but this first track is exemplary; it is a perfect opening to this disc. Vocals are executed with precision, and sound like the bands I grew up on in the 1980’s; not to mention that the melody is infectious.

“Midnight” opens up much like its namesake, darkly, ominously, and also electronically in the vocal department. The vocals are quite robotic thanks to some effect or another, the name of it I surely do not know, but it is awesome either way. When the keyboard comes in after the first chorus it is almost like rain drops, electric raindrops falling in the dead of the night; such a great effect and feeling from this section.

I absolutely love the first half of this album, but the second half is almost too much synthesizer. I personally feel that if the album was 9 songs, and no more, than it would have been the perfect length. However, that is not to say that it is not well written, and well done in the studio, it’s just that after 9 songs that are almost pure synth, I get a little bored and need more instrumentation. Lovers of the genre will not have this same feeling, and will enjoy this record from start to finish, as it is a well-crafted effort. So if you enjoy synths, and catchy melody, then grab yourselves a copy of this album, and lose yourselves within its sounds. Enjoy!!

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