The Iron Maidens Show Review At The Showroom

The Iron Maidens started off the July 4th weekend with not one, but two, solid performances at The Showroom at Casino Arizona. Formed in 2001, the all-girl Iron Maiden tribute band has continued to blow audiences away with their musicianship and charismatic stage presence. In addition to these women performing music from one of the greatest power metal bands of all time, they slam any doubt that women can’t play metal.

Unlike most rock venues, The Showroom was all seating. Yet, this didn’t diminish the excitement and intensity in the room. From start to finish, Linda McDonald (drums and only remaining original member), Kirsten Rosenberg (vocals), Nikki Stringfield (guitar), Courtney Cox (guitar), and Wanda Ortiz (bass) had the crowd’s undivided attention. Rosenberg, who is also known as Bruce Chickinson, embodied the power and emotion that are signature qualities of Bruce Dickinson’s style. However, Rosenberg, along with the other women, adeptly added their own flair and character to the music. The cohesion and chemistry between all the members was evident. Cox shredded on guitar and immediately struck a good connection with the fans. Every song the band played was a favorite with the audience. Their set list included “Wasted Years,” “2 Minutes To Midnight,” “Children of the Damned,” and “The Number of the Beast.”

For those who missed their concert, there will be another opportunity to see them when they return to Phoenix October 7th at Joe’s Grotto.

Review By: Brandy Bevins


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