THE GITAS Debut Politically Driven ‘Sharks Of Disharmony’ Video

Following the recent presidential debate, THE GITAS have released their video for “Sharks of Disharmony” which was recorded live on tape by Josh Franks at Stagg Street Studio in Van Nuys, CA. The grunge-rock track revolves around corrupt politicians and is the band’s first musical release from their forthcoming first full length album, “Beverly Kills” which will be released in early 2017.

Lead singer and guitarist, Sasha Chemerov explains, “We wanted to give a sneak peek of The Gitas’ new material so the idea was to record ‘Sharks of Disharmony’ on tape and manifest the full recording process visually. We chose ‘Sharks of Disharmony’ because of the current political situation where greedy sharks (politicians) proficiently manipulate people.”

About The Gitas:

The Gitas are an explosive three piece rock band from Los Angeles, CA. After the release of their first EP ‘Garland’, The Gitas toured throughout Los Angeles County and did a small West Coast tour, gaining recognition for their soulful rock that features hints of grunge, punk, pop and heavier elements. The Gitas are Sasha Chemerov on guitar and vocals, Brittany Maccarello on drums and Sal Ramazzini on bass.

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