The Dead Rabbits, “This Emptiness” Album Review

What’s in a band name? Your first thought that come’s to mind, when you hear The Dead Rabbits. With song titles like : Adrenaline, D O Y A, and The Freak, The Creep, The Clown…are your thoughts still going in the same direction? Got an idea who The Dead Rabbits are, and what they sound like? Let me Phil you in, through my perspective hearing of what The Dead Rabbits sound like.


The music…10 songs,

Adrenaline…Is the epitome of everything the title stands for. Driving rhythms of high energy  Bass and Drums, with up front vocals, and crunchy guitar with stinging leads. Opening with a bit of an anthem chant, right into a driving double kick metal sound. Resounding vocals carry right along with the driving force of the song. What I like to hear, a song arrangement that keeps my attention with hooks, and dynamics much like Adrenaline does.


Burn It Down…Here is a Scream-o Metal tune, that’s like a BOOT to the face! A few seconds of sounding screech, and Bam your kicked in the face with this assault of Drums, Bass, and Guitar. All the while vocals are forcefully screaming the message into your brain. There are moment’s where the song breaks down, only to remind you of the message that this relationship is done, like a burnt bridge.


D O Y A…Solid rhythmic kick from Bass, and Drums supporting some Guitarist CRUNCH that feeds my appetite for this Metal tunage that I hear, Melodic vocals with that type of feeling that grips a bit of emotion in the lyrics.


Dead Again….This track starts out with some sounds of a toy piano, and synthesizer with a comparative sound to Korn. Quickly comes the rhythmic crunch that identifies The Dead Rabbits as a rock / metal band. This song has a catchy arrangement that weaves in and out of their metal driving crunch.


Fighting For My Life…This track kick’s into brawl mode driving and pounding. Splashed with some elements of  Dub / techno sounds, it has everything one needs to get in the car, and take off with the pedal down.


Man At War…A driving track right out of the gate, with plenty of double kick drum. Vocals are consistent from song to song with that screamo, yet melodic harmonies and deep convictions like listening to something from Drowning Pool.


Suspicious ( Featuring Lizz Robinett)…Sounds of Techno synth / metal that could encompass the likes of NIN to Lincoln Park. This track savors a slower rhythmic haunt to deliver the vocals, and articulate guitar work. All the while, an industrial like sound lingers and permeates your ears.


The Butcher…This track offers more of what you come to know The Dead Rabbits for. Combinations of rhythmic, and vocal assault, Narling crunchy guitar riffs, and pounding bass to the face.


The Freak, The Creep, The Clown….A bit of an eerie key’s beginning, right into a that is whay it is vocal’s. All pushed with that driving force of Guitar, Bass, drum rythems that never relent on the crunch of delivering a punch!


The Emptiness…Down right trench Metal groove! Subyle to in your face vocals… The Dead Rabbit deliver that pulse of rock / metal life blood we all crave. This track defiantly sums it all up  with a grip!


I completely enjoyed reviewing this album, and can say without hesitation…it should be in your music library! You should go see this band LIVE if you get the chance, I know I will. The Dead rabbits formed in Phoenix,Az in 2011. They are genre listed as Pop / Rock, and referred to as Screamo / Post-Hardcore / Alternative- Indie Rock. The band members are : Alex Torres – Guitar / Composer, Craig Mabitt – Vocals / Composer, and TJ Bell – Guitar, Bass, Background vocals, and Composer.



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