The Dead Centuries – “Race Against Time” Album Review

The Dead Centuries – “Race Against Time” (Unsigned)
By: Tom Hanno

The Dead Centuries, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, play instrumental metal. Being a guitar player myself, I can really get into what this band does. They have the chops, and showcase some really exciting things in their songs. Being a fan of songwriting, I can also really get into what this band does. The songs, while being instrumental, feel like they have vocal melodies due to the guitar playing, and the they are never flashy for the sake of stroking their egos. This album is full of great playing, great writing, and I think guitarists, and music fans alike, will be into their new album, Race Against Time.

“Freddy Lounds” is the first track on this album, and it is full of great riffing, spectacular fills, and, despite not having vocals, never feels boring or overpowering. The dual guitar melodies are really well done, not to mention that they employ some very nice tones as well. There is one section that really reminds me of “Youth Gone Wild” from the first Skid Row album, and it’s cool to hear, making me wonder if it was intended to sound like that classic track.

“Reboot”, which is the third track, is probably my favorite song here. There is on heavy riff that is just awesome, a really neck snapper of a riff. As per the rest of the record, the songwriting is very strong. I really dig that, because instrumental music can be very boring if it’s all about the technique instead of being about the song. The Dead Centuries are quite good at knowing that, and doing what’s right for the song while still showing that they can play too.

I like tracks with cool names usually, so “Attack of the Mutant” stuck out to me before I even heard it. Once you hear it you cannot un-hear it, you cannot because you don’t want to. This is a heavy song, and shows off of the incredible technique that these guys have; some of the riffs are  just mind-bending. The production work is really great as well. There is plenty of clarity and definition between the instruments, the drum and bass are right up front, and the guitars never overpower each other or the rest of the band. The outro is some of the most schizophrenic playing I’ve heard in a while, definitely a great way to exit this song!

“Attack of the Mutant Pt.2” is the flip side to the coin in terms of being heavy. This track is more along the lines of what most people expect to hear from instrumental guitar music, not to say that it isn’t without any heavy riffing either though. Dual guitar melodies always make me happy, and this track has plenty of them. The bass tone is great, and there are sections where the bass is just so prominent and great sounding.

Race Against Time can be found here, and they can be located on Facebook at this address. You should check them out if you love instrumental music, and if you play guitar then you should check them out for inspiration. The Dead Centuries are a killer band, and I think you guys will enjoy what they do! Until next time, my friends!

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