THE DEAD CENTURIES Premiere “Blood Dragon” Guitar Playthrough

For fans of Animals As Leaders, Scale The Summit, Protest the Hero, Periphery, Intervals

Instrumental Prog Metal THE DEAD CENTURIES Premiere “Blood Dragon” Guitar Playthrough

Debut Album “Race Against Time” Out Now!


Unleashing their debut album “Race Against Time” this past January, Ottawa’s instrumental progressive metal trio THE DEAD CENTURIES’ full length features ten tracks of melodic, high energy and refreshing material. Influenced by Protest The Hero, Periphery, Paul Gilbert, Sithu Aye and Intervals, their release is full of hook and sinker compositions, shining guitar riffs and overall escapades through their instrumental progressive metal. Teaming up with New Noise Magazine, THE DEAD CENTURIES are showcasing their shredding chops with their second guitar playthrough for “Blood Dragon”.

“Blood Dragon is another high energy song focusing on the interaction between guitar lines. It features a dance inspired two handed guitar section which blends complexity with listen-ability. The final section of the song changes pace for a guitar solo which features bursts of harmonized guitar to add moments of increased intensity.” comments guitarist Adam Tremblett.

“Race Against Time” is available on BandcampiTunes and Google Play.

Album Stream – 

Guitar Playthrough – Reboot – 

Track Listing:
1. Freddy Lounds (4:07)
2. Gotham (4:18)
3. Reboot (3:33)
4.Tree Fort (5:49)
5. Blood Dragon (4:34)
6. Attack of The Mutant (3:57) ft. guest solo Jeff Tremblett
7. Venus Gospel (4:52)
8. Overdrive (4:29) ft. guest guitar solo James Krul (Mandroid Echostar)
9. Attack of The Mutant Pt. II (4:40)
10. Souvenir (5:14)
Album Length: 45:37

Album Band Line Up:
– Adam Tremblett – Guitar, Bass, Programming
– Bryant McNamara – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
– Adam Tremblett – Guitar
– Bryant McNamara – Drums
– Jacob McSheffrey – Guitar

For more info:

Visionary and highly influential writer Michael Moorcock, who worked with the bands Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult, memorably stated that ‘it is the business of the future to be dangerous’.

Ottawa three-piece THE DEAD CENTURIES are both futuristic and dangerous…which is as it should be. Influenced by Protest The Hero, Periphery, Paul Gilbert, Sithu Aye and Intervals, THE DEAD CENTURIES can easily hold their heads up in such exalted company.

Composing and performing technically precise instrumental progressive metal, THE DEAD CENTURIES are rich in virtuosity, melody, compositional skills, and most importantly…they create superb music to listen to. This isn’t the sound of three musicians showing off their undoubted skills, rather they are serving their songs above all else, with every fibre of their beings, every neuron firing in their minds, every tendon in their bodies. In a sense it is as if the three musicians that make up THE DEAD CENTURIES have become one mind in their own music. Their debut album “Race Against Time” was released on January 26th, 2018.

“High energy instrumental metal, The Dead Centuries are all about massive hooks, futuristic riffs & technical melody. Opener Freddie Lounds is rich in skill, showcasing how a trio’s different abilities can combine to make something that sounds so grand & complete.” – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“they’re not here to show you their muscles, but to share their record collection with you through a bright, pacey, grinning album that deserves every spin. Ace.” – Overdrive Mag

“Race Against Time features ten tracks of high energy material that would be an ideal piece to add to the collection of any fan of progressive metal.” – Pure GrainAudio

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