The Darkness and Diarrhea Planet at Agora Theater

Coverage/Photos By: Kirby Green of KG Photography

The Darkness and Diarrhea Planet came to the famous Agora Theater in Cleveland, Ohio with two things in mind, put on a great show and entertain fans. Both were achieved that night.

First up was the strange yet uniquely named band, Diarrhea Planet from Nashville, Tennessee .As they ran on stage, they grabbed their instruments and started playing immediately. Showing high energy and enthusiasm, they interacted with the fans and posed for the photographers in the pit below. During the fourth song lead singer Jordan Smith held up what looked like a beer bottle and toasted both the crowd and photographers. Almost immediately after, he jumped into the crowd and started surfing while playing his guitar. It was clear that all members of the band were having a great time, joking and interfering with each other during songs. As they closed out their final song, Jordan asked the crowd if they were excited to see The Darkness live and then asked the crowd to scream The Darkness after he counted down from three. Fans screamed at the top of their lungs and cheered. Then Jordan, guitarists Evan Bird and Brent Toler jumped into the crowd for one last surf.

As time went on after Diarrhea Planet left the stage, fans were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Lowestoft, England based band The Darkness. The chants grew louder and louder with every second that went by. Finally after what seemed like eternity to the fans, Lead singer and guitarist Justin Hawkins came out on stage wearing his leopard suit. He then held out his arms to fans and pulled a guitar pick out of his mouth. The band kicked off their set with Black Shuck, a fan favorite. As the night went on, bassist Frankie Poullain and guitarist Dan Hawkins threw countless picks into the crowd, fans tried their best to grab them as they flew through the air and fought to pick them up off the floor. At one point Justin asked a fan for a sip of his beer, the fan excitingly gave it to him. Frankie then pulled out a cow bell and the fans knew exactly what song was coming next. The band then played One Way Ticket, another fan favorite, the crowd started both bobbing their heads and hands to the music. After playing One Way Ticket, both Justine and Dan started shredding solos. Back and forth the two went, the fans couldn’t get enough cheering louder and louder. A fan then gave Justin his hat and very short jacket to wear, he laughed and reached for them. The fans laughed and encouraged him as he struggled to put on the jacket. Finally he got it on and crowd cheered. Before the show ended, Justin announced they were going to play the first three songs from their first album Permission To Land. The fans, knowing exactly which songs were about to be played, cheered loudly. After they were done playing, Justin then thanked the crowd for coming out and saying they were an amazing and delightful crowd to play for.  The fans enjoyed every second of the concert, one to remember and never forget.

The Darkness

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Diarrhea Planet

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