The Chordaes Release Video For “What Do You Want From Me”

“The New York outfit blends the raw, candid lyricism of early alternative rock with the expertise of classic Americana and doesn’t spill a drop.” – All Things Go

“…classic rock tones and melodic, sweeping pop vibrations. They aren’t fitting in with anything; they are redefining everything.” – Popdust

“Soaring, psychedelic, and dark indie rock encompassing self-realization and empowerment… The Chordaes are becoming quite the hot commodity in their respective circuit.” – PopMatters

“Elegant melodies, measured arrangements… this is a group of young and talented musicians with noteworthy songwriting chops and a vocalist who can touch hearts in ways reminiscent of unforgotten NYC hero Jeff Buckley.” – The Deli Magazine

Songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Leo Sawikin said of the video: The video depicts a girl taking some sort of psychedelic substance while she’s out with her boyfriend. Over the course of the video, she starts to realize that the guy isn’t interested in anything that she wants and is only concerned with himself. Through her visions and the song, she comes to the conclusion that she has no room to satisfy a sociopath while also satisfying herself.

The Chordaes are on a mission: to bring back great, melodic rock, with a contemporary spin. As the band’s songwriter, Leo Sawikin crafts intricate harmonic structures and heartfelt lyrics.

Along with Leo, The Chordaes’ lineup includes Ethan Glenn (Drums), Nick “McFly” Haberstroh (Bass and Vocals), Dan Cobert (Keyboards), and Kevin Foley (Lead Guitar and Vocals). The band has been in residency this year at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and with each show they have come closer to reproducing the lush, rich sound of the new EP. The Chordaes also play frequently in Asbury Park on the Jersey Shore, near where Nick and Kevin live and where the EP and the album were recorded, both under the production of veteran Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, Roger Daltrey). Additionally, the band has garnered nothing but positive attention from the likes of Baeble Music,BlackBook Magazine, Diffuser, The Huffington Post, The Deli Magazine and many more on their last record release Touch the Ground.

To draw without snobbery on fifty years of the best rock and pop—on everything from Abba to Zeppelin—to reimagine it, and to bring that sound to a mass audience: this is The Chordaes’ dream.

​In Itinere Tracklisting

  1. What Do You Want From Me
  2. Something New
  3. The Last Time
  4. I’m Free
  5. Run and Hide
  6. California

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