The Artificials – Heart – Album Review

1 disc, 10 tracks
Written by: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO.


In the field of experimental rock, post-hardcore, and marvelous progressive metal, we find the band, The Artificials, blooming so radiantly! Truly one-of-a-kind, one sees the unique quality of having a very indie-styled female vocalist take on complimenting edgy and powerful screams from a male counterpart. The album may be filled with breakdowns and some power chords, though it is not the “typical” rock/metal album. With refreshing guitars, crisp syncopation, and delicate vocals contrasting deep and aggressive screams, you haven’t seen “the dark side” like this before- looks like the clean vocals must be the sweet cookies they’ve promised all this time!



The lyrics are dark, emotional, and written in a very imagery-focused, somewhat modernized old literature-based, style- I love it! Diction may be a trouble at times, being that some songs you cannot fully understand what is being said unless to truly focus, terefore the instrumentation is what kept me in love (that is until I pulled out the lyrics)! But all in all, I am very stunned.



The thought and emotion put into writing these tracks were thoughtful and very creative (giving a special shout out to the end of track four, “In The Hollow”). However, listening over the album few times, it grew to become monotonous in some tracks, which lost my interest a bit. Although, I was loving the techniques and patterns chosen with finger picks- simple yet such ear-candy! It created a whimsical, relaxing, and soft tone. Track three, “Warrior Of Light”, displayed this within their intro and incorporated it throughout the piece, but the guitars grow to be very pop-punk-like as the delicate and bright faded out. However, don’t be fooled! There still are metal elements with the tuning selection, chords chosen, riffs and fills. There are some cool licks thrown in here and there, as well. And of course, some breakdowns! Another track I heavily appreciated for its musicality alone, was “Vessel”. Beautiful piano, playing around with some arpeggios, surrounded by angelic “aah”’s- it feels majestic! The piano perfectly translates into the heavier parts of this piece. It may even be one of my, personal, favorite tracks. Featuring beautiful duality within leads and rhythm guitar, it’s hard not to fall hard.



Stumble upon The Artificials and all the glory they have to offer! I’d rate this work of art a solid 7 out of 10! Power to the ladies who are rockin’ in the industry, and to the kick-ass dudes backing her- you make a power team!

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