Ted Nugent at Celebrity Theatre July 2016

       Soundwave Brigade is gearing up and heading out to the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona to cover Ted Nugent as the Sonic Baptizm Tour 2016 makes it’s way into the valley of the sun this Friday evening of July 1, 2016!

       Pulling into the parking lot of the Celebrity Theatre and joining the line of cars as we wait  for parking instructions, we can see the parking lot filling up with vehicles as concertgoers make their way through the maze of parked cars and converge upon the venue. With many fans getting their tickets and going through security and entering the outlying club sections of the theatre was crowded with fans as we all proceeded into the theatre to find our seats and the merch booth. The lines at the concession stands and the merch booth were full of fans talking amongst each other about past concerts and tours of years gone by and fond memories of those days as the excitement was growing among the crowd as they came here to see the “Motor City Madman”!


       Ted Nugent is many things, he is a musician, singer, songwriter, author, political activist, an advocate of American traditions, the list goes on…..but tonight we came here to witness “Uncle Ted” Shred! Nugent has been performing since 1958, and initially gained fame as the lead guitarist for The Amboy Dukes, in 1975 Ted embarked on his solo career. He was also apart of the band Damn Yankees from 1982-1989, and returned to his solo career from that period on.

       With a career spanning decades and over 30 albums and multi-platinum and multi-gold success with sales of over 40 million albums and performing over 6,400 shows and continues to perform with no signs of him stopping any time soon, the “Nuge” continues with his love and passion for music.

       Joining Ted Nugent on the Sonic Baptizm Tour are Greg Smith (Bass, Vocals) who is also a veteran musician who has collaborated with many other notable acts such as Blue Oyster Cult, Dokken, Alice Cooper, and so many more music legends. Also joining in on the tour is Jason Hartless (Drums), who may be young but has some notable accomplishments of his own, after touring and sharing the stage with many notable acts and has been mentored by many accomplished and experienced drummers. It is clear that Hartless is a driven musician who has the goal of improving his skill and knowledge of music.


       With the crowd in their seats , and the lights dimming we can see Greg take position on stage through the darkness and soon after the awaiting audience hears the opening hum of a guitar as a figure quickly makes it’s way center stage in front of the drum kit and the smoke rolls out as the crowd unleashes it’s cheer and welcome to the screaming guitar intro as the flood lights reveal Ted with his back to the fans as he jams away.

       After the short jam/intro, “Uncle Ted” faces the audience and through the whistle and roar of cheer…he greets Phoenix and welcomes us all with his guitar as the band joins him as we really kick off this show with a rockin’ version of “The Star-Spangled Banner”!

       The people who gathered here tonight are really pumped up after hearing our national anthem coming from a screaming guitar and bass, and thundering drums, and as the song ends…..Ted looking around at the fans with a grin and rubs his hands together with an expression on his face of “we’re just getting started here”, as the shows goes on with “Gonzo”. With Greg rockin’ his bass and lending his voice to the show, to Jason thundering away on drums performing fan favorites such as “Yank Me, Crank Me”, “Cat Scratch Fever”, and “Stranglehold”. The interaction of cheer with the beginning and end of every song was greatly received and welcomed by the band as you could see that they were having fun too and all too eager to give the fans what they want.


       Ted is undoubtedly amazing to see live on stage, it’s hard to describe, it’s like the moment that Nugent picks up a guitar and plugs it in……he becomes one with his instrument, a symbiotic relationship almost like they “possess” each other. A true guitar legend, he has inspired so many other guitar players for decades, and will continue to amaze guitar beginners in the future as well.

       Ted Nugent with his bandmates behind him came to the Celebrity Theatre, and Rocked the house……it’s what we all came here to see and that’s what was delivered. Get ready America because Ted Nugent is coming, the Sonic Baptizm Tour is just getting started so for more information on tour dates and any other information and updates you can follow Ted Nugent at the links provided below.



       Soundwave Brigade.com is really honored with the privilege of being approved and granted access to cover this show and be able to share our coverage with you all, so please enjoy our slideshow and our video coverage of Ted Nugent performing our national anthem, as the United States is preparing to celebrate it’s 240th birthday!

       We would like to thank Ted Nugent and the band and crew for such an awesome show, and we would also like to thank the staff of the Celebrity Theatre for their assistance as well.

       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Soundwave Brigade.com

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