Ted Nugent at Celebrity Theatre – Aug 2018 Show Coverage

August, 05 2018, Ted Nugent rolled into Phoenix, Arizona and took over Celebrity Theatre for his final date on “The Music Made Me Do It” Tour. As always it’s a great pleasure in attending and covering Ted’s shows. With a packed house filled with middle ages to old timers both men and women it was bound to be another great show.

As always Ted opens his shows with the Star Spangled Banner to get people on their feet and show people just how much he loves America.

No matter what people say about Ted, one thing is for sure he stands behind everything he says. Maybe now that we have someone great in the White House Mr. Nugent will finally be invited down for dinner? It’s doubtful but one can hope..

As the show continues the energy level climbed as he kicked things into gear. Playing songs such as Gonzo, Snakeskin Cowboys, Motor City Madhouse, and a favorite Free-For-All. The crowd was pumped and continued the energy through the whole show.

We also had the pleasure in interviewing Jason Hartless just before the show. We hope you enjoy the interview.

We at Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Ted and his crew for having us out as well as Celebrity Theatre for putting on another amazing show.

Coverage/Photos/Interview By: Adam Messler

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