Sum 41 at The Van Buren

On Sunday April 29th, 2018 Sum 41 fans from all over gathered at the Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ.

Super Whatevr opened up setting the stage for Seaway and Sum 41. As they continue to make a name for themselves gaining more and more followers as they travel from one city to the next. According to their bio Super Whatevr’s songs don’t seek to push away the darkness. Instead, they invite it in, realizing the only way to move past life’s problems is to tackle them head-on. The songs on their debut record Never Nothing touch on a variety of issues, ranging from unhealthy urges towards oneself, toxic relationships, and battles with mental health, resulting in a comprehensive, cathartic work about pushing past your demons on the way to self-betterment. They are definitely a band you want to check out. 
Seaway hit the stage next as the venue filled with more and more fans. They are a Canadian rock band from Oakville, Ontario that’s has since released three EPs and three studio albums. 

Sum 41 was on next and as the crowd surfing took place the sea of fans rolled in like a tsunami. They hand picked a few fans to join on stage and rowdy is an understatement to describe the crowd as the band started their set.


This tour was set out to celebrate the 15 year Anniversary of “Does This Look Infected?” album release. The album was the second studio album released by Sum 41 back in November of 2002. The album is celebrated as one of the most essential pop punk albums of all times and was full of iconic hits such as “Still Waiting” and “Over My Head (Better off Dead)”. According to lead vocalist Deryck Whibley they are working on a new album and can’t wait to book the next tour.

As an old school Sum 41 listener I must say this event was something you didn’t want to to miss. So if you did stay tuned for the next tour to celebrate the album they are working on. 
Soundwave Brigade would like to thank those that allowed us to cover the show. It is greatly appreciated and we appreciate the support.
Written and photographed by: Beverly Shumway 

Sum 41

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Super Whatevr

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