Strip the Soul “Inanimatum” Album Review

Strip the Soul – “Inanimatum”
By: Tom Hanno

Strip the Soul, a metal band from Mesa, Arizona, have an album out called Inanimatum, available now here. Their Facebook pages About section doesn’t have much in the way of info, but I have a feeling it’s because Strip the Soul wants their music to do the talking; and rightly so, this album is a beast!!

Musically, I am really impressed with this album. Vocally, I am extremely impressed with this album. They remind me of Malus Dextra a bit, and, if you read my review for their album on the Chimera Magazine site, you know how much I love that band. This mixes influences from bands like Slayer, Mushroomhead, a little early Metallica, and so many others. They have taken these influences and created one bad mother fucker of an album!

“40 Winks” is one where the vocals really grab me, especially at the end of the song. The guitars are sick, really well written parts, and the tones are just heavy. This is one of the tracks where I really hear Slayer in some of the riffs, like post Seasons in the Abyss era Slayer. Definitely a banger of a song!

Album opener, “Bloodshed for Days” has one of those titles that screams metal, and is the track where I hear that comparison with Malus Dextra (whom you can find here). The vocals are brutal, think Randy Blythe from Lamb of God and you’ll have the basics of what I am talking about; more killer riffs, excellent drumming, and thunderous bass lines as well. I love this album the more I listen to it!

“Death Stench” (how’s that for a song title?) is heavy straight out of the gate. The scream just before the verse hits is brutal, just an example of the great vocals that go on throughout this entire release. The breakdown section carries through with more expertly honed songwriting, before leading back into the main riff (which is one of the best on the album) of this killer track.

“Dead Folks” slows down the riffs just a bit, with an almost stoner doom feel. This is the best intro on the album by a long shot, as it builds the anticipation nicely. Halfway through the first verse we get a burst of speed before settling back into the original riff/tempo. I cannot get over how great the vocals are…again. I know I keep saying it, but damn, this guy is good! Between these awesome vocals, the killer guitar work, and the fact that the songs are so well-written, you just aren’t going to find many unsigned bands of this caliber.

Strip the Soul has this great album out, and you’re crazy if you don’t go listen to it. I left the hyperlink above to find it on Bandcamp, and one for Malus Dextra’s Facebook page for further listening joy! Awesome album from this Mesa, Arizona group!!!!!!!!


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