Stone Temple Pilots At Marquee Theatre

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

On March 10, 2018 Stone Temple Pilots stopped off at the Marquee theatre in Tempe, AZ with guests The Dirty Hooks. Touring to promote their new self titled album which hits the shelf on March 16, 2018 they easily sell out the the Marquee theatre with die hard fans of all ages.

The Dirty Hooks, a three piece band from Las Vegas opened the night with a dynamite set, showing the Arizona crowd what they had to offer. Each playing their position and giving their all with Bobby McCall, lead vocals/baritone guitar, Jenine Cali on lead vocals/drums and Anthony Ratto III on lead guitar/keys.

Their unique rock-n-roll sound vibrated through out the venue, amping the crowd for Stone Temple Pilots.  Their set consisted of songs that came off their debut album “Electric Git!”; sons such as “Dancing With A Train”, “Down By The Riverside”, “Get Back Girl”, “Kerosene Fire” and “Breakin’ the Skin” had the crowd moving and cheering out on the electrifying performance.

As The Dirty Hooks close their set and the stage hands came out to setup for the band of the hour, Stone Temple Pilots, not many in the audience stepped away from the area. The crowd in anticipation slowly got tighter and tighter, trying to get into that perfect area for a great viewing pleasure. The fans on the Mezzanine flooded the railing standing and cheering.

The lights fade and the crowd breaks out into hysteria, cheering and screaming. The members of Stone Temple Pilots take their positions and open their set with “Wicked Garden” and the crowd in excitement push closer not leaving any room between each other and the fans in the mezzanine throw up the devil horns and cheering the band on.

STP’s set was a solid list of songs from older records and some off the self-titled new album; songs such as “Vasoline”, “Pruno”, “Glide”, “Meadow”, “Still Remains”, “Down”, “Roll Me Under” and “Piece Of Pie.” Stone Temple Pilots, definitely know how to pack in a show and give the fans a good time with music that for most was a nestalgic walk in time. This was most evident when the band performed the song “Plush” and the crowd took over the song with an echoing vibration of vocals that filled the Marquee theatre and lighters swaying in the air.

Another part of the set that makes Stone Temple Pilots a band that has great showmanship and appreciate the fans, was on the song “Dead and Bloated”. Where they pulled a child on stage to sing the song to the crowd, the kid fiercely did so unscathed by the size of the crowd.

This was definitely a night for the fans and is plain to see why the show sold out so fast. Stone Temple Pilots self-titled album comes out on March 16, 2018; so make sure to pick up your copy at your local music store.

Stone Temple Pilots

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The Dirty Hooks

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