Stitched Up Heart at Pub Rock Live, Sep 2016

       Stitched Up Heart made a stop here in Arizona while on tour to perform in Scottsdale at Pub Rock Live this past Wednesday as part of their national tour with fellow label mates 9Electric in support of the Remember We Die Tour.

       Originally forming in 2010 in Los Angeles, California by lead vocalist Mixi and after experiencing “a musical heartbreak”, would name the the band Stitched Up Heart and use this metaphor as an inspirational theme to draw strength and carry on. Spending the next few years developing their sound and releasing their first self titled EP Stitched Up Heart in 2012, and then their second EP Skeleton Key in 2014. 2015 would be a busy year for Stitched Up Heart as they would join Another Century Records and participate in national tours such as the Halloween Tour 2015 with One Eyed Doll and Run 2 Cover, and the Didgeridoo Destruction Tour 2015 with Like A Storm and From Ashes To New.


       2016, Stitched Up Heart continues with another eventful year, with the summer release of their debut album Never Alone, and continuing to tour nationally as they make their way back here to Pub Rock Live as they performed here in November of last year.

       The Quintet takes the stage with Mixi (Vocals), Decker (Drums), Merritt (Lead Guitar), Nick (Rhythm Guitar), and Randy (Bass). With the show beginning,  Mixi comes on stage and asks the crowd of fans, “Are your ready?”, and begin with “Finally Free”.  With a haunting intro to the song, Mixi displays her vocal range as she can easily transition between a clean and melodic to a vicious harsh style of singing which convey the level of emotion and compliment their music.


       Just before the second song , Mixi announces to the venue, “We are Stitched Up Heart, it’s good to be back, love you guys.”, and with the intro starting Decker prepares himself (Here is where I will make mention of Decker’s talents, as when he plays, he seems to go into a trance state as he very rarely looks at his drums, but instead keeps his head up and eyes forward looking out upon the band and audience) as they begin “Turn You On”, with both Decker and Merritt keeping the rhythm of the song…. both Randy and Nick come forward to the fans clapping their hands above their heads and encouraging them to join in. With the front line of the band performing with the high and lows of the song and periodically joining in unison of getting down and headbanging.

       “Event Horizon”, was next up and is a roller coaster of a song as how it progresses between low, heavy and fast and short alternating bursts followed by melodic and harsh vocals as evident by Nick backing Mixi with his vocal mixture and adding to the song’s erratic heartbeat.


       Witnessing Stitched Up Heart performing their title track off of their debut album Never Alone live is a testament to the powerful and uplifting message of hope that this song contains, as Mixi’s vocal presence and emotion reinforce “Never Alone” and with Decker and Nick providing vocal backup to convey the message of this song and moved the audience as well as they cheered their approval at the end of the song.

       At the halfway point of the show, Stitched Up Heart welcomed Micah Electric of 9Electric to join them on stage to perform “Catch Me When I Fall”, after making his way behind the backline of amps that concealed a small set of drums behind them, the song began with a duo of drummers. Audience participation was called upon by Mixi as she waved her hand with the rhythm of the song, stepping up their game with more aggressive vocals coming from Mixi as the song progressed until the end.


       With Mixi turning towards the drummers and says,”Here we go….., Micah and Decker…., take it away!” Decker then leans into his mic and asks the crowd to please welcome Micah, and the drum duo begin their drum team sequence with Randy joining with his bass. With the ever growing pace of the drums, Decker stands up and continues to play his way around his drum kit as Micah assumes the throne of the kit and Decker presiding over the small set continue on and increase their pace. Though the barrage of thundering drums and clashing symbols the duo exchange places a final time and continue on with Randy until they end their performance. With the two drummers congratulating each other, Mixi Comes back on stage as says, “Everybody give it up for Micah, and 9Electric!!” With Micah making his way around the equipment on stage to give Mixi a hug, he exits the stage with playful banter coming from Mixi amongst the cheer of the crowd.

       After a welcoming and thankful speech to the fans, Mixi then asks the crowd to join along in singing in the next song and we have video footage of “City of Angels” to share with you so sit back and enjoy the video of Stitched Up Heart performing live below.

       Stitched up Heart really came alive on stage, with performing the final song “Monster”, as Mixi stood atop of Decker’s bass drum and dropping down to engage the audience as the rest of the band went wild with the song, with Nick coming forward to back Mixi with his harsh vocal screaming technique. Halfway through the song, Mixi stepped off stage into the crowd to make her way through the venue and interact with the fans while continuing to sing among them. At song’s end, Mixi states to the crowd of concertgoers, “Thank you guys, from the bottom of our hearts…we love you.”, and exit the stage with the promise to come out and rejoin them real soon.

       Stitched Up Heart’s performance was a wild ride of hard driven melody and rhythm, with thought provoking and emotionally inspired lyrics that grab and hold your attention throughout their live show.

       Stitched Up Heart did an amazing job as they Rocked Pub Rock Live this evening, after the show the band came out to sign autographs and take pictures with their fans as well as pose for a band shot for us too.


       Stitched Up Heart has more plans coming up real soon as they tighten their stitches and gear up with Icon For Hire for The You Can’t Kill Us Tour kicking off in October, so for more information and updates about Stitched Up Heart we have links provided below to further aid you,

       Soundwave Brigade has yet another surprise for you guys, we were able to sit down with Mixi, and later joined by Decker for an interview before tonight’s show and you will just have to watch and see the video for yourselves and try not to laugh…..

       Soundwave Brigade had a lot of laughs with Stitched Up Heart, and would like to thank them for their time,….. and their sense of humor. We would also like to thank Pub Rock Live and their staff for their hospitality and for hosting tonight’s show. Thanks again Mixi and Decker for joining us for an interview.

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