State Of Mine “Devil In Disguise” EP Review

       State Of Mine will be releasing their second Ep, Devil In Disguise on September 15th, of this year and Soundwave Brigade was provided with an advance copy to listen to and review. So below is our opinion and experience with their soon to be released sophomore EP.

       Devil In Disguise contains seven tracks and opens with “Curtain Call”, the first track of the EP and State Of Mine also has released a video for this above mentioned track, and it sets the pace of the band’s evolution of their sound and musical direction. Beginning with a small bit of electronic programming and some short guitar riffs and boom! Followed by a metal thunderstorm of rhythm from the guitars, bass, and drums and drops as Steve the vocalist sets the tone with displaying his vocal style of mixing clean and harsh vocals. With an evenly paced tempo with heavy undertones and slow breakdowns with a mesmerizing guitar sequence compliment the construction of this song and give it life as the the lyrics intertwine to tell and emphasize the meaning of the song as a whole, which can be left to the listener to interpret the meaning. To me, the song depicts the inevitable consequences of deception and guilt and the fact that one day, the truth will prevail.

       The second track is by far an interesting choice as it is a cover song. “Rise”, by Katy Perry, and State Of Mine did an awesome job with this cover as the original was so powerful and motivating, but with a metal twist. Giving “Rise” some more “attitude” with metal undertones gives this cover more of an aggressive emotional feel and with the clean and harsh growls just emphasize and capture the meaning of the song, while preserving and complimenting the original.

       The Third song is “Waste My Time”, it incorporates a clean piano intro that sets the emotion and mood of disappointment as this song lyrics seem to tell a tale of the band’s past experiences, set to a pace of strong vocal melody and harmony with a whirlwind of guitar riffs and fast bass and drum mixes that step up the pace and build as to give the listener something to relate to having those feelings themselves.

       “Stones”, the fourth track is more aggressive in tone and style with a fast hammering pace of drums and bass with loud/sharp guitar tones that set the tone of anger that the lyrics convey as to dealing with negative attitudes and transforming that anger into determination, “Stones” is a Metal anthem all on it’s own.

       Following “Stones” is the fifth track “Killing Me”, this is song where the guitars come forward and take control with an evolving progression with sharp to slow melodic rhythm that coordinate and reinforce the vocals that tell a tale of……well dealing with the reality of desire.

       The sixth track is “Undertow”, slower in pace with powerful drum beats and showing more of the clean and harmonic side of the vocal styles with strong range that convey emotion with haunting guitar undertones.

       The final track is “Broke By Monday”, as the title implies this is a life lesson that many will learn the hard way, with hard angry rapid sections mixed with equal vocal styles that merge into an audio tale of hard partying sums up this song. Most will be able to relate to this one that’s for sure!

       Overall Devil In Disguise, is a well engineered and constructed Ep with great Metal style and a powerful display of vocal style with all the instrumental parts meshing together and bringing strength to every song and the progression as a whole of the EP. I enjoyed listening to this latest work by State Of Mine, it is evident that they really put some time into this and is worthy of a fair chance by anyone willing to give it, they have a style of their own and don’t overdo it.

       So for your consideration we have some links below for you to check out State Of Mine at, and decide for yourselves what you think of them.

Here is the link to their Youtube channel  

Review by Alex at Soundwave


Track List

1. Curtain Call
2. Rise
3. Waste My Time
4. Stones
5. Killing Me
6. Undertow
7. Broke By Monday

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Hailing from Laingsburg, Michigan, State of Mine is a metal band consisting of Vocalist Steven Jodway, Bassist Corey Smith, Drummer Mike Martin, Rhythm Guitarist Matt Martin, and Lead Guitarist Shawn Willett. Organized in 2010, the band hit the local music scene running, playing as support for multiple national acts such as: Black Label Society, Adelitas Way, Saliva, Powerman 5000, Flaw, Otherwise, Soil, 3 Years Hollow, just to name a few.

In 2014 they released their debut, self-titled EP recorded and produced by BJ Perry at Wall of Sound Studio (I Prevail, UFC, INK MASTER, NFL, NCAA), in Memphis, Michigan. After performing for a year, the band decided to go back in studio with a new sound and direction, specifically targeting radio listeners. The new EP, produced by BJ Perry again, went above and beyond expectations, and will guarantee to keep the listener hooked, with huge vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars, powerful bass, and pounding drums. They look to continue on their path toward touring and performing for a national audience.

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