Sparking Inspiration – Keyes releases cover of Armor for Sleep

San Diego band, Keyes, has kept quiet recently as they’ve been busy behind the scenes. Their latest EP was a split with labelmates, Wearing Thin, which was released in 2016. The band went out on a few short runs before focusing on writing new music for their upcoming full length.

     When sitting down to write, Vocalist Kyle Allen often is influenced by music he loves; including Armor for Sleep’s “One Last Resort.” Allen wanted to pay homage to the song that inspires him with a cover of of the track. He shared, “Whenever I write new music, I find inspiration from Armor for Sleep’s ‘What To Do When You’re Dead’ album and I’ve always found this song to hit me so hard. It’s short, but so powerful.”

     Further details on Keyes’ upcoming record will be announced soon.

 Entrancing melodies and heartfelt lyrics are part of what makes the San Diego quartet, Keyes, stand apart. They pride themselves on staying true to themselves and playing music that is real, which comes across in every song they play.

       Hitting the scene with their first release in 2011, Kyle Allen (vocals/guitar), Ian Alvarez (guitar), and Danny T. Penwell (drums) have worked tirelessly to produce quality music and to add to their ever growing fan base. For their first EP “Therefore/Without” they enlisted Paul Parks and Michael Schlereth to record and mix/master. When it was time to follow up that EP, Casey Bates (A Skylit Drive, Memphis May Fire, Pierce The Veil) was brought in to mix/master “Wandermere” in 2014. After building a friendship with Bates, Keyes was ready to work with him again when they teamed up with Tragic Hero label mates Wearing Thin to record a split EP which will be out in 2016.

         Keyes was eager to hit the road after releasing their EP’s. They’ve toured the west coast with Matthew Fitzpatrick of My Iron Lung (Pure Noise Records) and have also toured the southwest with Captives (Ronald Records).

          In 2015, Keyes caught the eye of Tragic Hero President, Tommy LaCombe and both agreed working together would be a good fit.  Allen explains, “Aside from growing up and loving the Tragic Hero roster, we had heard nothing but good things from friends who had worked with Tommy. Tragic Hero sounds like and will hopefully be the beginning of great things to come for Keyes”.

Keyes split EP with Wearing Thin will be released in early 2016 and the band plans to announce new tour dates in support of their new music and will be the first time featuring their new bassist, Dominic Trujillo.

     In 2017, the band released of a cover of “One Last Regret” (originally by Armor For Sleep) and announced they are working on their debut full length (details to be announced soon).

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