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Band: Minority 905
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Soundwave Brigade: The greatest challenge to date your band has met and conquered was?

John: I guess growing a fanbase. Especially during the early days.

Spasimir: I also think getting a legit growing fanbase which continuously supports us is the biggest challenge we’ve conquered so far.

SB: Prior to an evening’s performance do the band members have a ritual or exercise or something unique they do before hitting the stage?

John: I don’t really have one.

Spasimir: We don’t really have one. I try to stretch out my hands and legs and warm up a bit with some drum exercises but that’s all.

Chris: Depending on the night, I will practice our set somewhere quiet to warm up; brush up on anything I don’t feel is as concrete as it should be. Or I’ll sneak off somewhere where no one is and just hide for a while, and come back in time to play.

Steven: I just set up my things, warm up a little, and that’s about all you have time for.

SB: The biggest thrill when playing on stage is?

John: I think for me it’s seeing the crowd react positively.

Spasimir: I feel the same as John on this one. When the crowd is singing along, jumping around, moshing, etc, that’s the best thrill.

Steven: Definitely when the crowd is reacting positively to what you’re doing. That always lights a fire in me.

SB: Does the band have an opening song by another band they like to have played just prior to going on stage? If so, what song is it?

John: Usually the songs that play before we go up on stage aren’t chosen by us.

Spasimir: Sometimes we play some really popular pop punk song like “Dammit” by Blink-182 or something off of Dookie by Green Day, just to get all the people to come closer to the stage.

SB: What are the bands favorite fast food eatery when on the road?

John: I’m not really that picky so I don’t think I have one.

Spasimir: Probably Popeye’s or some sort of burrito place.

Chris: My personal favorite is Wendy’s, but the band-wide favorite is probably Popeye’s.

Steven: Whenever we’re in Montreal, it’s always nice to go to Schwartz Deli. Some great smoked meat there.

SB: When you want to buy music how do each of you buy it? Download, CD, Vinyl?

John: Probably CD or Vinyl for me.

Spasimir: I mostly listen to music on Spotify but when I really want to own the physical thing I usually buy CDs

Chris: I always go for CD if I like the album, and then vinyl if I love the album.

Steven: Trick question. It’s 2018. No one buys music anymore.

SB: When performing in a several band line-up do you have a particular place in the line-up of 1,2,3, last that you as a band like to perform?

John: It doesn’t really matter to me; I’m okay with anything. Although sometimes it sucks to be last on a show that’s going really late since a lot of people end up leaving.

Spasimir: I think the best slot would be in the middle or second last. That way your chance of playing to a bigger crowd increases.

Chris: The slot where the most people are around during, haha.

Steven: Performing in the middle time slots are usually the best. Usually, the most people are around during those times.

SB: If you each could say a few positive words about each other in the band- what words would you choose to describe one another?

John: Everyone is cool.

Spasimir: John is the best singer / songwriter that I know. He’s also really good at NBA 2K. Steven is the best bassist that I know. I love that he knows a lot of theory and has perfect pitch. It helps us out so much when we’re making songs / medleys / covers to have somebody with that kind of skill in the band. Chris is super creative when it comes to writing leads, he’s also funny as hell and good at Nintendo games and Sonic games.

Chris: Spas is the best drummer I know, and I’m sure one day he’s gonna be one of the best in the world. I really like how level-headed he can be. Steven is a fantastic bass player and his knowledge of theory is great and one of our best assets and he really raises our songwriting and arranging to an even higher level with it. I love his ambition and drive to accomplish greater things. John is a great songwriter and singer when he’s not stoically watching over us, he can be really funny or insightful given the moment. I’m really happy to be in a band with these three.

Steven: Spasimir can play drums in an adequate manner, and is also a smart and fun guy. Chris is pretty good at guitar when he’s not breaking his strings, and he’s also a pretty cuddly bear. John’s a great songwriter who’s worked hard at developing his craft, and deep down inside his top secret, closed-off maximum security shell of his, there’s a nice guy that pops out every now and then and says hello.

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