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Band: Bridge To Breakdown
New Single: “Rain” – check out the lyric video below!

Soundwave Brigade: The greatest challenge to date your band has met and conquered was?

Talyn: Recording our first EP. The money and time that was spent were ridiculous. Especially when you have to go from studio to studio, engineer to engineer. It took forever to get that first EP out. We finally found our recording home with JP Audio Labs who will be hammering out the LP.

Prior to an evening’s performance do the band members have a ritual or exercise or something unique they do before hitting the stage?

Taylor: Each member has their own ritual, I put my headphones in to warm up, Malcolm isolates himself and gets into his headspace, Talyn stretches and does vocal warm-ups. Most importantly though is food.

The biggest thrill when playing on stage is?

Malcolm: Seeing the fans jump around and connect with the music and feel the vibe we put on. The more hype the crowd the more hype we get.

Does the band have an opening song by another band they like to have played just prior to going on stage? If so, what song is it?

Talyn: Cochise by Audioslave; it’s a total classic and a must play.

What are the bands favorite fast food eatery when on the road?

Malcolm: Sheetz, but we must honorably mention Subway and Steak N Shake, as they have been there for us many times. Including when we were nominated for the Carolina Music Awards… Subway was a life saver.

When you want to buy music how do each of you buy it? Download, CD, or Vinyl?

Talyn: Taylor streams his music, Malcolm likes CDs, and I like my Vinyl.

When performing in a several band line-ups do you have a particular place in the line-up of 1,2,3, last that you as a band like to perform?

Taylor: Headlining is always the goal, but in our experience, we’ve had more interactive crowds when playing 3rd in a group of 4 or more. But to be fair… we will rock out given any timeslot.

If you each could say a few positive words about each other in the band- what words would you choose to describe one another?

Malcolm: Taylor is one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met in my life”, and Talyn has progressed so far vocally, and keeping up with him is the reason I’m so good at guitar.

Taylor: Malcolm is the best guitarist I’ve heard and Talyn is the best vocalist I’ve ever heard. It’s no surprise when I hear that someone wants to learn tips and tricks from them.

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