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Band: After The Calm
New Single: “Stuck On Repeat!” – Check out the music video below!

Soundwave Brigade: The greatest challenge to date your band has met and conquered was?

David Nunez: Making sure everyone was on the same page in understanding that this is a career. No one prepares you for how much work goes into creating a band. This led to our former guitarist leaving when he realized the band life wasn’t for him.

Henry Cota: Not everybody is fan of ours and we have some naysayers. Easiest way to move forward is to turn the other cheek and keep swimming.

Jonathan Habermacher: Trying to find our sound. We all have such different music tastes so it has been a great learning experience to be able to play all these different types of genres and type of songs.

Kody Rattler: I would say in the beginning when we had member changes. Aside from that, there have been roadblocks left and right; we’ve always conquered them as a team.

Logan Miracle: I think a big constant challenge for us is setting ourselves apart from others. We don’t want to be generic or unoriginal. We just want to write the songs we enjoy and put on the best shows we can.

SB: Prior to an evening’s performance, do the band members have a ritual or exercise or something unique they do before hitting the stage?

David Nunez: For me, I run around triple checking everything is good and when you find me, I’m sweating like crazy guaranteed.

Henry Cota: As a band, we don’t have a huddle or anything, but we stretch. I drink a energy drink and hype myself up.

Jonathan Habermacher: For me, I don’t do anything special besides just make sure I’m in the back with all my gear ready to go on stage. I might stretch sometimes, but mainly just stay calm and focused on killing it on stage.

Kody Rattler: Nothing too crazy aside from eating, staying hydrated, and doing stretches. I typically don’t like to drink before we play our set. Afterwards, I’m all game.

Logan Miracle: I like to get some warm ups at least 30 minutes before the set. After that, I just honestly try to get my mindset right.

SB: The biggest thrill when playing on stage is?

David Nunez: I feed off the crowd’s energy. If they are giving it, I’m giving it back ten fold. I’ll probably trip or something down the road, haha.

Henry Cota: Seeing the fans react whether by singing and dancing or moshing to our heavier songs.

Jonathan Habermacher: When we make a really great set and the huge points get the crowd moving. I love seeing a crowd really react to our sets and get into them.

Kody Rattler: When I’m on stage, I have a hard time seeing much. I’m the furthest back from the crowd and there’s often bright lights shining down onto the stage. A thrill of mine is being able to catch a glimpse of the crowd getting into our song. Sometimes it’s a mosh/circle pit, other times its a melodic choir. Crowd engagement is my favorite aspect of the stage.

Logan Miracle: I kinda go into a different mode once I’m playing live. From the first note till the last hit, I’m in that mode.

SB: Does the band have an opening song by another band they like to have played just prior to going on stage? If so, what song is it?

David Nunez: We love making intros for our sets. Sometimes they include other people’s music, but sometimes it’s just sounds.

Henry Cota: We change the intro depending on the theme of the show. So far, we have made originals, a more hip hop vibe and a classic song from Enya to throw people off our scent.

Jonathan Habermacher: We do like to have intros into our first song to set the mood or tone of the night. The intro will change depending on the type of show or songs we select to play.

Kody Rattler: We’ve used real songs to start our sets in the past, as well as clips of audio that David has edited together to fit our intentions.

Logan Miracle: Usually either references from shows or movies we like. Sometimes it will be random songs.

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SB: What are the bands favorite fast food eatery when on the road?

David Nunez: Gotta have that Whata! Whataburger is great and I dig Chick-Fil-A, too.

Henry Cota: We are not picky at all. Dine in joints or a Whataburger are perfectly fine. If it’s open late then its great!

Jonathan Habermacher: My favorite fast food is Whataburger and they usually are 24/7, but whenever we have time and extra money, I love to try mom and pop shops that you can’t get anywhere else.

Kody Rattler: You can most likely catch me at the nearest Taco Bell or In N Out.

Logan Miracle: Anything with good pizza. Otherwise, Whataburger.

SB: When you want to buy music how do each of you buy it? Download, CD, Vinyl?

David Nunez: I mostly stream with Apple Music. If I support a touring band, I buy their CD and if the album is that amazing, I’ll buy the vinyl.

Henry Cota: Really it’s a bit of both. When I’m at a show and a band has the CD, then I will opt for the CD. iTunes has made it easy to support my favorite bands at the same time also.

Jonathan Habermacher: I love CDs, I grew up on them and always have some in my car.

Kody Rattler: I stream through Spotify, but aside from that, I use YouTube.

Logan Miracle: I listen to all my music off of my phone. But if I really like it, I’ll buy it on vinyl. I’m one for collecting records.

Check out After The Calm’s single “Captive” and the lyric video below!

SB: When performing in a several band line-up do you have a particular place in the line-up of 1,2,3, last that you as a band like to perform?

David Nunez: I like headlining because we get to do more stuff. We decide when we finish and that’s when have the opportunity to engage in more fun ways. We always put on a great show, we just get to take it to the next level.

Henry Cota: Second to last because all the people who came for the last band will be there.

Jonathan Habermacher: It really depends on the bands that are playing, but my favorite spot is second to last because headliners sometimes play too late in the night and some people don’t stay the whole night.

Kody Rattler: I think it depends on the show. There’s a few variables like who else is included in the line up. I do enjoy headlining when there are special events like a CD Release show or our upcoming AHS Benefit Show.

Logan Miracle: Depending on the night or show, it’s either headlining or right before that.

SB: If you each could say a few positive words about each other in the band- what words would you choose to describe one another?

David Nunez: Henry Cota is definitely the jokester, but is really dependable. Kody is the details guy that just gets it and is super easy to talk to. Logan is a big kid, but in a good way; I put myself in his shoes when I need to step back and remember that this also needs to be fun. Jon is very literal when he speaks, but that tends to make me laugh the most. He has great ideas and I love that he actually does what he sets out to do.

Henry Cota: Jon always has time for hug and a good laugh. Kody keeps it 100. David is a man of many talents. And Logan always has a positive outlook on everything. Memes for days.

Jonathan Habermacher: David always has a strong opinion so I like bouncing ideas off him and hearing what he has to say. Henry always has something funny to say that makes me laugh. Kody is great to talk with, I’ve known him for a while so we can talk for hours. Logan can make up lyrics on the spot so fast and it is awesome. Really every single person in this band are just down to earth and good people so I love hanging out with them.

Kody Rattler: Logan finds a way to make you laugh and often keeps spirits high. David is very strategic in what we do, as well as our artistic specialist. Jonathan constantly looks for ways to push the band forward. Hanky has a lot of heart and determination, often tag teaming the jokes with Logan. Each of us have the same desire to press forward and continue to grow as a band.

Logan Miracle: Kody is the guy I can sit and talk to forever. Jon can always have a good laugh with. Henry is who I trade memes all day. And David is like my older brother that I love to hate XOXO.

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