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We had the pleasure in catching up with Sons of Providence the other night out at Marquee Theatre. They are a pretty awesome local band located in Phoenix, AZ. With being a three piece band members include, Memphis Roarke – Vocals, Upright Bass, Programming, Alex Bartnett – Guitar, Programming, and Zebulon Jessup- Drums, Percussion. Opening up on a big stage for Doyle they held it together pretty damn good. We look forward in catching them again in the near future…



This is what darkness sounds like. And it’s only getting darker.

Spiraling upward on the heels of their debut full-length album “The Comedy Complete”, Sons of Providence have crafted a sound that is authentically dark and full of much emotion. Referred to by one fan as Frank Zappa meets Marilyn Manson, saying this band is avant-garde might just be an understatement. In a very broad sense one could call them metal, post-punk, or gothic but at the end of the day, it simply is, Sons of Providence. A steadily full schedule of shows including festivals and touring with more in the works, their message of personal darkness as well as religious and socio-political errs is always on the move.

Gestating in the mind of front-man Memphis Roarke for over a decade, Sons of Providence is a very personal creation. Diverging in the Arizona desert from all around the United States, the original line-up came together in the latter quarter of 2011 and began working vigorously to mix their varied sounds and influences in to something that even they could not categorize.

Their first release, 2012’s 7 song “The Divine EP”, was reminiscent of an intense, punk driven, demented circus that first gave the showings of the bands varied backgrounds and tastes of the original three members. Following this release, the band struck out hard in every bar and venue they could and quickly began the building of a cult-like fan-base.

In March 2012, just five months in to being a band, Sons of Providence were chosen to be the direct opener for Buckethead at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ. They took the stage for that show in April 2012, where they proved to the hundreds in attendance that they belonged on such a stage and were headed for so much more. From here, their cult grew quickly.

March 2013 saw a change of drummers and the release of “Paradise”; a teaser demo of what to look forward to on the coming full-length album as the sound of Sons of Providence had already begun to evolve. Immediately following the release of “Paradise”, more offers for more prominent gigs began to come in including for international touring acts such as The Supersuckers, Holy Grail, and A Pale Horse Named Death.

Amidst the relentless gigging, the band was busy at work finishing up the songs for their first full-length album, “The Comedy Complete”. 14 tracks spanning over an hour of all original music, the album was received with astonished praise from their fans and fellow musicians alike. What has astonished those that have listened is both the sound that the band has created as well as the quality and professionalism that surpassed what other bands on their level (and with their limited self-funds) have put out.

In conjuncture with their debut full-length, Sons of Providence played their first major festival: Wasteland Weekend in California City, CA. A massive success in front of a large crowd of all new eyes and ears, it was the perfect launching point for their first tour: The Tragic West Tour. Yet another success spanning five states and eighteen cities, what the band now refers to as the Cult of Providence grew further as their album, t-shirts, and stickers flew off the merchandise table at every stop.

Currently, Sons of Providence are working on new music, their first music video, routing for their next two tours, and eyeing even more festivals.



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