Sonny Lanegan – Foreplay (Official Music Video)


Sonny Lanegan – Foreplay (Official Music Video)
directed by Timothy Gaer
Appearing in the video: Sonny Lanegan, Rekka Nicholson, Alex the Milkman, Michael Miraula
Filming Location: Los Angeles
Copyright 2016

First official music video from the Single “Foreplay” from the debut EP “Coma” by multi-instrumentalist Sonny Lanegan, known for White Pulp and The Dead Good.

DOWNLOAD the full EP “COMA” here:

More Info about the Artist:
Sonny Lanegan is an Italian born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. As a recording artist and stage performer, he is currently known for his former band White Pulp and his role in The Dead Good. Never idle, Lanegan consistently produces and performs. He has performed in hundreds of live shows, seen multiple album releases, composed complete original works, and been a mainstay and influence in multiple alternative industrial groups.

After three successful international releases with White Pulp, which is the brainchild and spiritual heir of Sonny Lanegan, he is finally breaking all chains and puts a stamp on his solo project with his own name. Sonny Lanegan has focused his efforts into composing his own creative works in the form of „SL”, an alternative industrial post-rock project or simply accept it as a “sensual overdose”!

As a performing artist, Sonny Lanegan is a generous source of charisma and energy. The bands he contributed to provided a stage for him to satisfy a compelling force to perform, please audiences, and take part in musical expression. Sonny now lives in Los Angeles, mixing up the east coast music scene with his fresh project to a fertile audience nationwide.

From riotous energy to emotive confessions, Sonny Lanegan will seduce even the coldest hearts and hottest heads. The music can be powerful, with dark lyrics and riffs blaring. It can mood-enhancing, shipping the empathetic to the Land of Awes. Such is the power of sex, drugs, and rock & roll! Sonny Lanegan is a blend of stimulating variety and consistent quality. This band pumps a sonic force of devilish delight, electric pulse, eruptive heart and insatiable appetite.

Turn it up, let your heart beat and ache, your ears tremble… and emerge into „SL”.

Tour Dates to be announced.

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