Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators at The Van Buren – Sep 2018

Slash and Myles – Living The Dream at The Van Buren
Coverage by Daisy Fromkin
Photos by Adam Messler

Guitar Legend Slash of Guns N’ Roses has firmly planted his meticulous attention on his self titled band Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators as they send out a new album Living the Dream available as of September 21st. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you are missing out. After playing to stadiums the last few years, The Van Buren in Phoenix created an intimate atmosphere, in spite of being packed to the gills with avid fans. This created a whole new concert going process that is more experienced than watched. Taking the stage with an electric grace Slash is as recognizable by his sound as much as his signature wild mane, hat and shades. Myles more subdued in appearance but nonetheless a powerful musician. Slash and Kennedy started writing and pulling this album together while on tour and got inspiration everywhere, even from pictures in restrooms.

Its akin to a snapshot of where they are at the moment, both literally and in life. Although the album was completed months before it was held until Slash returned from the tour with Guns N’ Roses to start the tour to promote the latest and greatest.

Now Slash back in the element he thrives best, performing for live audiences.Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge fame found his voice while listening to Jeff Buckley, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder and Robert Plant. He credits most of his vocal sound to Buckley and will even cover Buckley’s rendition of the Cohen song Hallelujah during acoustic sets. Kennedy Believes that a true voice comes from within and that audiences will respond to emotion over just technique. Kennedy is more than just a talented singer and attractive face, he is also an incredible guitarist and songwriter. He continues to work with Alter Bridge and other music projects.

Slash’s credentials include lead guitar for Guns N’ Roses, Co-Founded Velvet Revolver and his own projects under simply Slash. Performing since 2008 with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in addition to rejoining the line up of Guns N’ Roses. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame and known as one of the top guitar players. Slash is no small contender; he is a legend on the guitar. The Van Buren, Phoenix Arizona – Promoting their new album Living the Dream is versatile while still delivering the dynamic riffs and high wire vocals of these sharply executed tracks. The set started off with Avalon, pounded through Savage Sun, the 70s swaggering groove of Serve You Right, sing-along worth chorus of Driving Rain and concluded with the World on Fire. Encore rocking the magic riffery of Call of the Wild.

Overall impression: This show was fantastic, I was mesmerized by the level the tightness of the set and mastery of playing, in a word: Triumph

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Best comment Overheard: One woman to another “Damn Slash is still hot, Fk dad-bods.”
Favorite moment: Running into EVERYONE at the show.

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