Silverstein & Tonight Alive – Get Free Tour At Marquee Theatre

With half the venue filled of fans, the Silverstein & Tonight Alive show was still as amazing as if it were a full venue of fans. The vibe was filled with screaming fans showing their love and appreciation, not only to all the bands that played but also to the Marquee. The “Get Free” tour featuring Silverstein and Tonight Alive came through Arizona On Monday February  5, 2018 at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. Against all odds, each of the bands provided a platfrom for each to build off of so that it progressed seamlessly and with out a dull moment.

Picturesque was the first band on the list, they gave the crowd a mixture of heavy high screaming vocals to a punk pop sound with some hip hop influence. They showed the fans why and how they got on the tour and the fans with open arms accepted and took the ride with the band and made them feel right at home; hugely in part of the band involving the crowd as they got wild on the stage spinning and head banging. After the their set, the immediate action of the crowd was to run to the merchandise booth to pick up a cd and t-shirts, as well as meet the band in person.

Next was the pop sounds of Broadside, which lighten the vibe with their pop punk songs that made the fans sing along. With two members of the band sick, they still provided an uplifting and enjoyable set. Playing songs that built up from one another which hyped the crowd into jumping, cheering and singing along. Broadside definitely showed how much they cared for their fans simply by showing up and rocking the Marquee, despite the unwell feeling the two sick band members had.

As Broadside finished their set, the crowd waited patiently for the next two artists in excitement. You could see the effect Picturesque and Broadside had on the fans, as they loosened up and sang every song that played over the speakers as the stage hands of Tonight Alive come through and set the stage.

With the stage set and the fans filled with anticipation, chatting and laughing was heard as it filled the Marquee Theatre and in an instant lights out and an immediate response of cheering followed; Tonight Alive takes the stage. Tonight Alive provides the crowd with a set of upbeat jumping, screaming and exhilarating songs. Songs such as, “How Does it Feel?”, “Lonely Girl”, “What Are You So Scared Of” and “The Edge.” 

The music was not the only thing that attributed to an amazing show it was also the phenomenal light show that captured the eyes of the fans as well as the persona of the band. With the lead singer taking time out of the set to engage the fans by telling stories, getting close by jumping down from the stage, and proclaiming this being one of the best shows they had since they were on tour gave the fans what they wanted. Sad to leave and wanting more time with the amazing crowd Tonight Alive stepped off stage after setting up the band that was up next Silverstein.

Silverstein started their set with the song “Ghost”, which after and exhilarating show with Tonight Alive kept the vibe flowing with fans picking up where they left off. Silverstein’s set consisted of songs such as “Massachusetts”, “Smashed Into Pieces”, “Smile In Your Sleep” and the solo piano session of “Arrivals” then an acoustic version of “My Heroine”.

Keeping the fans on their toes with songs that ranged from pop punk sounds to screaming metal to the soft sounds of piano and acoustic music, Silverstein rocked the Marquee Theatre.


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Tonight Alive

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