SEPTEMBER MOURNING – “20 Below” Official Video


20 Below // LYRICS:

I’ll never let you strip me to my skin
You’ve come too close and you ain’t getting in ‘
Cause I’m so sick of bleeding out
These wounds will heal themselves
Even though the cuts you’ve had to make
Sent me to an early grave

(Whoo oo ooh)
Don’t you know you’ve got me
Twenty below, Twenty below

I’m the light that burns your eyes and blinds you
And every crack you tried to hide appears I’m strong enough to save myself
From fate that I’ve been dealt I’ve had enough of your charade
I’ll send you to an early grave

Here comes the rain, frozen drops of liquid sun
Here comes the rain, I can feel it pumping through my veins

And even if you strip me to my skin
Your broken soul will make me whole again

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