REVIEW: VNV Nation at Marquee Theatre – Dec 2018

Coverage/Photos By Adam Messler

If you are an Electronica fan you should be a fan of VNV Nation. If you have never heard of them, I suggest you go check them out and give a listen.

On December 14th, we at Soundwave Brigade had the pleasure in covering their show out at Marquee Theatre.

Prior to the show we had the chance to get in a phone interview with Ronan Harris to which you can listen to below.

VNV NATION were founded in the early 1990ies by Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson. They are based in England and Ireland. With over 20yrs of music and 11 albums and touring all over the world, you have to wonder if the shows can get any better.

During the years, they became an important base in the electronic alternative music and what some magazine named of Future Pop. Until now they have released eleven studio albums. The latest album Noire came out in October 2018, and with the previous album also one of my favorites was Resonance: Music For Orchestra Vol. 1.

Once the show started I knew it was going to be an amazing one. With Ronan mentioning they spent a lot more time on making a better light show for this tour I noticed it right off the bat. They opened up with “A Million”, and with that the amazing light show began. Followed was “Retaliate”, “Armour”, and “Space & Time”. By this point the crowd was really getting into the show. People of all ages dancing to the music and enjoying the show.

We got to a point in the show which I wondered if they would play a certain song. I really wanted to hear it as I tend to repeat it on long drives in the car. They did in fact play that song which was “Illusion”. I had to take a minutes and collect my thoughts. With this song it reminds me so much of someone I lost. Melina Dellamarggio was not only a concert photographer herself she was my partner in crime, my traveling buddy and the person I could call when I was in the rough. Losing her was very hard on me. For some reason this song just reminds me so much of her.

After collecting myself I got back in the game and the band threw out some more amazing songs such as “God of All”, “Chrome”, and “Resolution”. This was to finish off the night of a long list of amazing music from both old and new. Like all great bands VNV Nation also had an encore of songs which lead into “Nova”, “Standing”, and to complete the night with “All Our Sins”.

In the end the fans received what they came for and even more. With a long list of 23 songs with an amazing light show attached, I don’t think fans could have asked for more.

Until next time, I wish you all well and hope to see you all once again soon.

We at Soundwave Brigade would also like to thank the staff out at Marquee Theatre for once again bringing an amazing show to the valley.

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