Red + Messer at Marquee Theatre

On March 30th, 2018 Red with supporting acts Messer, Righteous Vendetta and Lacey Sturm stopped off at the Marquee Theatre to provide the fans an awesome rock filled night. Messer started the show to a crowded floor of fans, they start the set with a hard rock filled song that moved the crowd and grabbed their attention. The fans, after each song began to cheer as Messer continued, by mid-way into their set Messer had the crowd moving, cheering and throwing their devil horns in the air. Messer had a powerful setlist for the crowd and definitely showed them that even as the opening band they could put on a show and build the crowds momentum for the rest of the evening.

Righteous Vendetta and Lacey Sturm both also building the events momentum for Red, provided different vibe for the evening. Righteous Vendetta with a heavier screaming sound amped the crowd into head banging. While Lacey Sturm provided a calmer, yet rock’n filled set, performing songs from previous band Flyleaf as well as her own solo music. Both bands amped the crowd in different ways but the vibe was strong from both the bands and the crowd who showed their appreciation with cheering, screaming and singing along.

For the band of the night, Red started their set with the currents closed on the stage. The mysterious nature of the sounds from behind the stage as they setup made the crowd anxious to see what was happening. The lights dim and the crowd, built with anticipation, explode loudly with echos bouncing from the wall filling the venue then the curtains open with red light beaming from the front of the stage. The members of Red walk out to take their place and hit the crowd with the song “Step Inside the Violence”. Red’s set was filled with songs such as “The Outside”, “Faceless”, “Fracture”,  and “Already Over” just to name a few. The crowd definitely enjoyed the showmanship the band put forth for the evening with a killer opening reveal to a stage pulled from a monster movie, to the lighting of the stage, and the amazing setlist that was decided for the evening.


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