Quicksand + Glassjaw & Spotlights at The Van Buren Show Coverage

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

On July 22, 2018 the Van Buren in Downtown Phoenix, open their doors to concert goers to the heavy bass filled sounds of three bands; Spotlights, Glassjaw and Quicksand. With temps reaching 110 degrees the Van Buren granted fans early entry into the venue as the bands merch and stage hands completed setting up the event. As the crowd rushes into the venue trying to escape the melting heat outside they immediately rush into the standing area as well as up on the Mezzanine, if they had the proper pass.

The first band Spotlights open the show starting with a dark venue and blue lights shining against the filled venue. Dark silhouettes of the members of the band, grace the stage and the crowd with a heavy low bass note, and the begin to play. With the first song they were praised with cheers and moving bodies. Spotlights presented a great opening set that set the tone of the whole event, getting the crowd warmed up for what was to come.

Glassjaw following Spotlights definitely held the crowds expectations, you could also say met and exceeded the crowds expectations. With a set magnificently choreographed from sound to lights Glassjaw opened their set with “Cut and Run”. The crowd, astonished with the excitement and pleased with the production of the set shared their praise with cheering, singing along and head movements. Glassjaw’s set consisted of songs off their new album Material Control; song’s such as “Shira”, the opening song “Cut and Run”, “Bibleland 6” and “My Conscience Weighs a Ton”.  They also sported songs off their older albums songs such as “Tip Your Bartender”, “Pink Roses”, “Closer” and “Citizen”.

With the craze and hyped set Glassjaw performed Quicksand took that and continued what was built through out the night. Giving much appreciation to the bands who performed before, Spotlights and Glassjaw, as well as the fans who showed Quicksand begins the set opening with “Head to Wall”. Quicksand  just as the bands before performed an amazing set with lights that captured the retina’s of every fans in the venue as well as providing music that the fans swayed and cheered to. Their set consisted of songs such as “Divorce”, “Cosmonauts”, “Thorn In My Side”, “Under the Screw”, “ Delusional”, and “Blister”.

Soundwave Brigade would like to thank The Van Buren for having us out and putting on a great show.




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