Pure Luck Album Review

1 disc, 13 tracks
Written By: Kat Se7en of Element a440

Strikin’ Gold with Pure Luck!

Make sure you have a drink in hand because the Austin-based quintet, Pure Luck is here to rock your rickety ‘ol front porch! With former members of the Butthole Surfers, Ween, Honky, Moistyboyz and the Melvin’s, it’s no wonder the spirit of the 90’s were apparent on their self-titled debut, released on Heavy Feather Records.

Originally forming in 2007, Pure Luck brews up a soulful blend of hillbilly old school country, Southern rock and blues and of course a few shots of straight-to-the-gut whisky. The guys J.D Pinkus (banjo, guitar, vocals), Stephen Haas (guitar, vocals) Cody Richardson (guitar, vocals) Claude Coleman Jr. (drums) and Steven Sucharov (bass) named the project based on the luck of how many members would actually show up to practice. When doing so, songs like Broke, Soaked and Dirty, Where’s It All Go? and Silver or Lead were composed resonating notes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ-Topp, with accents of the Allman Brothers Band and The Black Crowes, giving this album some seriously rich nostalgia.

Even country folk who might not be familiar with legends like the Melvin’s and Butthole Surfers can appreciate Pure Luck’s pure country essence. Twin waltz’s ‘Cerveza’ and ‘No Pride’ leave an elegant, yet twangy balance to the album with lyrics like put the guitar down and play me instead and the sound of your lady, is like a gun to my head. On the outskirts of Heaven… an album Ronnie Von Zant and Gregg Allman would be proud to listen to.

Showing their grace for the poor and unfortunate, Pure Luck played a free show earlier this month at The Little Darlin’ in their hometown of Austin, TX and is expected to tour with dates with the Dean Ween Group later this year. So for all you hillbilly heathens and honky-tonk hookers, this one’s for you!

Pure Luck’s self-titled debut is available for sale now at www.pureluck.com

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