Pierce The Veil “Misadventures” Review

Reviewed By: Reanna Diehl.


      First off, I am a HUGE Pierce the Veil fan. I was first introduced to them in 2010, and I literally listened to Selfish Machines every day for the full year after that. That album is still my favorite one from PTV, with A Flare For the Dramatic taking a close 2nd. It’s amazing to hear the transformation between these two, but their original whimsical writing and Vick’s unique voice are still strong in both. Although Collide with The Sky has some songs that have become favorites as well, it didn’t have the emotional attachment from the previous two. Misadventures had a rough start for me, but my affection for it has grown over the last few weeks. To be honest, I simply just miss Vick’s emotionally powerful solos. His voice, after all, is what really draws you into the music. With your first run through the album, there is no doubt that it definitely has a polished sound about it, while still holding true to their staple PTV style. Tracks such as Dive In  and Texas is Forever gives us the screaming melodies and guitar licks we are itching for, while songs such as Sambuk and Bedless leave us entranced with powerful lyrics and such intricacy that we are left dazed and wanting more. There is a little bit of post-hardcore, some pop-rock, and a tad sprinkle of punk all over this one, and it is delicious. The wait was well worth it, and PTV still proves that they can continue to serenade its audience with the unique sound that we crave.










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