Pierce The Veil Coverage at The Nile Theater June 2016

The night began early with a line forming outside of The Nile Theatre in Mesa, AZ to a sold out show. When I walked inside the venue, there were already quite a few people in front of the stage who were still in a state of awe after meeting their favorite band members just moments before. Once doors opened, boys and girls of all ages slowly but surely filled up the sold out venue in no time.


The lights dimmed and the venue went dark. Their set officially began, and the crowd started to scream. “Dive In,” was the first to start the night, and the bar was set very high for the rest of the night. The flashing lights, shots of confetti, guitar shredding and pounding of the loud drums took over the place. PTV then transitioned to their next song, “Texas Is Forever,” which was featured on their latest album “Misadventures”. One of the best things about PTV is their musicianship. It separates them from so many in this scene. For one, they can play live, and sound just as good if not better than the recording. Not only can this group play, but the guitar players can weave their fingers around their frets faster and better. The best part of the show is to just watch the guitar players shred more than just simple chords. It is amazing to watch and listen to these guys play.


The night continued by playing, “The Divine Zero,” PTV kept the ball rolling with “Floral & Fading and Phantom Power & Ludicrous Speed.” both went off as expected and the fan response was just as big.
The last part of their set consisted of high energy packed fast paced music. “Sambuka” and “Song for Isabelle,” both went off as expected and the fan response was just as big. The night came to an end with a performance of “Bulls in the Bronx,” and followed by “King for a Day,” that was a single from CWTS. The single has been certified Gold, and debuted at #12 on Billboard’s Top 200. The music video alone has racked up 40 million plus views on YouTube. The fans went wild and PTV closed the show out with a bang. The confetti was shot off and the crowd was jumping up and down, singing back every single word.


Coverage brought to you by Adam at Soundwave Brigade.com

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