Phoenix Lights 2016 Coverage

Day 1 of the Phoenix Lights Festival took place yesterday, Saturday April 2nd, 2016 at Margaret T. Hance Park in Phoenix, Arizona, and it was INSANE in the best way possible. The lines to get in were wrapped around the block and there were at least three different gates just to get in. Got to hand it to the people that organized it because I don’t think there has ever been a location that has handled the crowds smoother than what was experienced yesterday.

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Three stages, a main stage, a side stage, and a silent stage and crowds for all three were intense. From local DJs to the most world renowned DJs and EDM artists, the Phoenix Lights Festival had a little something for everybody all in one spot. Music Watchdog met up with DJ Dark Mark on the silent stage and was asked what he thought of his experience in which he replied, “It was amazing to be a part of the biggest electronic music festival in Arizona and a great platform for local artists to get their name out there.”
The main stage housed artists that included BTSM, Yellow Claw, Kaskade, and many more. Streamers and pyrotechnics put the icing on the cake and had the crowds cheering. BTSM (Black Tiger Sex Machine) a trio from Montreal, Canada visited Arizona for the first time ever and hopefully not there last. With an energetic performance that included bass dropping beats, they welcomed followers to their church, the BTSM Church. The official BTSM Church Tour kicks off in a few days on April 6th, in Asheville, NC so Phoenix, AZ can officially say we housed their pre-tour performance.

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Yellow Claw took over the stage shortly after and Relentless Beats reported in one of Yellow Claw’s biographies that, ” A big part of the Yellow Claw success are their trademark skills, interaction with the audience…”, and that is right on point with the performance they had. The crowd was chanting and yelling out “Yellow Mother Fucking Claw,” throughout the night.
The crowd anticipated and was long awaiting Kaskade to hit the stage. Fireworks sounded off and pyrotechnics lit up the park. The man himself has scored twelve Top 10 hits on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay Chart and has created remixes for artists including Lady Gaga. In 2015 Kaskade headlined Coachella alongside Drake for two weekends, and over that course pulled in the two largest crowds the festival had ever seen. Pretty sure Phoenix Lights Festival cannot compare to the numbers he pulled in at Coachella but he definitely pulled in the record breaking numbers throughout the crowd compared to any other artist last night.

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Remarkable performances by all and it doesn’t stop there round 2 starts tonight with a whole new line up. Stay tuned Music Watchdog will be there again to bring it to you.


Great thanks to Chad from Caren West PR for allowing us to cover an amazing event we can’t wait to see what tonight brings.

Written and Photographed by : Beverly Shumway aka AZ Snapz


Day 2 of the Phoenix Lights Festival took place on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016. Same game but with new names like DJ MK from Detroit, Tritonnal, Excision, DJ Snake, and many more.

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The outer entertainment included hula hoop dancers and great art pieces by Desert Canvas. “Desert Canvas is a movement that YOUR community co-creates by helping people from all walks of life step outside their comfort zones, making lasting connections, and learn about themselves to create healthier and happier lives.” is what their mission statement declares on their website They are an amazing group of people that help to make a positive connection with everyone they cross paths with.

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DJ Marc Kinchen also known as MK executed a great performance on the side stage. He is known for his breakthrough remix of the international classic hit, ‘Push The Feeling On’ by The Nightcrawlers. MK produced his first record a lot has changed, the now legendary ‘Burning’ for his own label, Area 10. That record rapidly led to him to NYC and a deal from Virgin Records. Definitely a guy to keep an ear out for.

The festival line up saved the best for last with DJ Snake. In 2011, DJ Snake produced for Lady Gaga’s album “Born This Way”. This earned him a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year in February 2012. First time in Phoenix and what a great show it was. Fireworks, and streamers were just a few extras during his performance. Absolutely amazing talent this guy has and he has for sure shown us what he can do. I am sure there will be a lot more to come from William Grigahcine.

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2016 Phoenix Light Festival definitely had one heck of a line up. Cannot wait to see what next year brings. Thanks again to Relentless Beats for putting it all together, and to Chad from Caren West PR for allowing Music Watchdog to be there.





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