Pathways “Dies Irae” EP Review

Reviewed By: Alex of MusicWatchdog


       Today, Pathways releases their new EP Dies Irae from Tragic Hero Records and Music was provided a copy to listen to and review and share our experience with Pathways latest release with you.

       Pathways describes themselves as a metal band, but with their latest work they blend between the style of the new world and the old world metal styles of modern times. From the very first track “Day of Wrath” which is an instrumental will introduce you instantly to the musical style and skill of Pathways in less than a minute and a half.

       “Day of Wrath” opens with a classical style of piano then transitions into a unpredictable pace of metal fusion with classical gothic undertones that blend into a melodic symphony ending with a drum beat mimicking that of a heartbeat.

        Pathways has a very unique style with the use of dual 8 string guitars that Jon Rose and Jentzen Flaskerud incorporate in ways that will amaze you. With Lorence Drewry (Bass) and Wil Lanagan (Drums) playing their parts with a stop/go slow to rapid sequence that in between their pauses the guitars come in to compliment each other‘s efforts.

        “Miserae” is the second track and introduces you to Nicholas Scott’s use of harsh and clean vocal style when mixed with the fast paced and rapidly changing composition will make a haunting impression.

        “Thirst for War”, which is the third track and shows that Pathways hasn’t even really begun to show the complexity of their style and sound, and they continue to show their diversive style into “Famine” which incorporates an eerie display of classical musical styles.

        The fifth and final track is “Extinguish the Stars”, which continues with the complexity of all the previous tracks with the exception of the emotionally driven conclusion of the song and the end of Dies Irae.

        Pathways has composed and delivered a masterful blend of music that has a timewarp effect from the age of classical gothic musical compositions into present day metal genres.

        The only negative is that Dies Irae isn’t a full length album, and leaves you impressed and wanting more, and curious to see Pathways deliver their brand of music live.






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Jon Rose // Guitars
Jentzen Flaskerud // Guitars
Nicholas Scott // Vocals
Lorence Drewry // Bass
Wil Lanagan // Drums



Known for their use of dual 8 string guitars, Pathways best describes their music as a masquerade dance with classical waltz movements but, at other times cryptic with certain transitions which keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. The end result is beautiful, yet frightening at times and melodic but in a way that is also haunting.

The band was formed in late 2012 and has solidified their current lineup of Jon Rose (guitars). Jentzen Flaskerud (guitars), Nicholas Scott (vocals), Lorence Drewry (bass) and Wil Lanagan (drums). The quintet aims to deliver an unparalleled musical experience. They strive for a unique and powerful sound showcasing their progressive metal-core background while intertwining classical, melodic and technical influences.

Pathways is no stranger to the studio having a lot of experience under their belts. Their discography includes  a self-produced EP called Unconscious Lives (2012), single produced by Dreadcore Productions “Arise” (2013), EP produced by Parallel Focus Studios titled “Harlot”(2014), self-produced single called “Xmas Time” (2014), and the upcoming EP produced by Afflux Studios “Dies Irae” .

In 2016, the band got the attention of Tragic Hero Records President, Tommy LaCombe. Guitarist Rose explains why Pathways felt this was a perfect partnership, “In the end, we wanted to go with a label that provided us with a more personal/hands-on approach. Plus, Tommy is great.”

Pathways will release their Tragic Hero Records debut EP, “Dies Irae” on April 15th.




  1. I don’t get the sudden hype around this band. There is nothing unique about their style. Sounds just like Within the Ruins, plus… Artwork has been done a billion times before. I wish record labels would actually sign good and unique bands. This is complete trash imo.

    • I honestly think they are a great band and can bring a lot to the table. Sure they may sound like some of the other well known bands, but what good band doesn’t now a days? Much of the bigger well knows all sound similar. In many cases its what else they add for their own twist and the stage performance they bring as well.

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